Chuck Boyce Announces Candidacy for Delaware Republican Party Chair

Published on February 14, 2019

Local entrepreneur Chuck Boyce formally announced his candidacy for Delaware Republican Party (DEGOP) State Chairman on Wednesday.

“My involvement with the DEGOP, as a statewide candidate, a delegate, regional officer and county chairman, I know firsthand the struggles Republican candidates throughout the state have faced over the past decade.” Boyce explained. “I know we can provide a better structure and culture to encourage quality candidates to win races up and down the state, and provide a level of accountability to The First State’s one party rule.”

In November 2018, Republicans lost seats in the House and Senate, and lost both state-wide seats that had Republican incumbents. The Delaware Republican Party hasn’t failed to hold a single statewide office or maintained the majority in either the state house or senate since 1885.

“This past cycle was the worst lost in the history of the Delaware Republican Party. The State Chairman is responsible for over 198,000 registered Republicans in the state of Delaware. From the start I have declared I will not be a rubber stamp for the outdated ideas, methodologies and tactics that has caused our party to fall so far behind.” Boyce declared. “I look forward to using my experience to ensure we are good stewards of our resources. We must change the culture of the party and present a unified message that resonates with voters both north and south of the canal.”

The election for state party officials will be at the Delaware Republican Committee’s state convention May 4th in New Castle County.

Chuck Boyce is a local business owner and former candidate for U.S. Senate. He resides in Middletown.

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