Published on July 27, 2016

CK Talent Management, a full-scale talent agency that represents models, actors, coaches, and professional and semi-professional athletes, this week announced a partnership with, a media news-based platform that carries a wide assortment of entertainment news, release information, video clips, reviews, and interviews.

The partnership will give CK’s clients expanded access to media-related events and upcoming public and press exposure at major gatherings. In return,’s reporters will be able to work with CK Studios and CK Multimedia to create formats for expanding their exposure in the greater entertainment industry.

“The partnership will enable both our operation and FlickDirect’s to tap into talent pools, opportunities, and studio relationships for the betterment of our businesses,” said Craig Rogalski, Managing Partner of CK Talent Management. “Essentially both of our brands and platforms are going to receive maximum exposure in the entertainment industry – which is both of our goals at the end of the day.” is already well recognized in the entertainment industry, with a successful top-10 entertainment app that was rated by GQ magazine in both the US and UK. Noticed by CK Talent for their commitment to innovation and expansion within the entertainment sphere, CK Talent felt the partnership between the two was a perfect fit.

CK Talent is recognized as a premier Talent Agency that invests in client’s careers and sustainable success. They are credentialed by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, several motion picture studios, and various other industry organizations.

“We look forward to what this future collaboration has in store for both us and FlickDirect,” said Mr. Roglaski. “Spread the word on our new partnership, and head on over to our platforms to learn more about what we do to thrive in the entertainment industry.”

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