Claire Samantha, Founder of Phone My Friend, Talks About Her New Listening Service in New Interview with Business Innovators Magazine

Published on June 10, 2016

Claire Samantha, Founder of Phone My Friend, was recently interviewed by Business Innovators Magazine about how she created a new “listening service” that helps individuals share experiences and be heard about the things that matter deeply to them.

During a recent interview with Business Innovators Magazine, Claire Samantha, Founder of Phone My Friend, discussed her confidential listening service Phone My Friend and explained what a listening service is and how it helps people who want to be heard or share something of importance to them.

Samantha is a postpartum doula that offers supportive guidance to the parents of a newborn and is also the founder of Phone My Friend a confidential, personal online and over the phone “listening” service.

Samantha stated, “In this digital age we see other people constantly through social media but sometimes this can add to feelings of being alone. Some people go the entire day without having a friendly conversation with someone who just listens. I don’t offer counseling or advice. I listen like the hairstylist or the bartender and provide a non-judgmental ear.”

In the interview Samantha explains that while a listening service is a new thing it can be compared to what hairstylist and bartenders have been doing for ages. She also explains how she came up with the idea for a listening service and delves into some of her personal experiences that revealed the need for the service. She also addresses common questions people have about what subjects she will talk with callers about and what she will not talk about. She also explains the difference between a confidential listening service and counseling or advice focused services.

Company Name: Phone My Friend
Contact Person: Claire Samantha
Phone: 3606107668
Country: United States