Cody Askins CEO of CaBoom Leads & 8 Percent Nation, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Published on June 16, 2024

Cody Askins discusses transforming the insurance industry

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Consistent goal setting is a powerful tool that can lead to success in various aspects of life. This is evident in the story of Cody Askins, the CEO of CaBoom Leads and 8% Nation. Cody’s journey in the insurance industry began at a young age, with his father being in the business for 34 years. Cody’s father instilled in him the importance of setting goals and believing in oneself.

At the age of 20, Cody set a goal to earn $100,000 in his first year as an insurance agent. He wrote this goal down, signed it, and displayed it in multiple places where he could see it every day. Cody’s commitment to this goal was unwavering, as he repeated it to himself daily and focused on achieving it. Despite facing challenges such as cold calling and door knocking without leads, Cody’s determination paid off, and he exceeded his goal by earning $117,391.13 in just eight months.

Cody’s success can be attributed to his consistent goal-setting and unwavering belief in himself. By setting a specific, measurable goal and visualizing it daily, Cody was able to stay focused and motivated throughout his journey. Additionally, Cody’s ability to adapt and pivot when faced with challenges allowed him to overcome obstacles and achieve his desired outcome.

The story of Cody Askins serves as a testament to the power of consistent goal-setting. When individuals set clear goals, write them down, and commit to achieving them, they are more likely to succeed. Consistent goal setting helps individuals stay motivated, focused, and accountable, leading to tangible results and personal growth.

Cody shared: “The true power is when you put that knowledge into action.”

In conclusion, consistent goal setting is a key factor in achieving success. By following Cody Askins’ example and setting specific, measurable goals, individuals can realize their aspirations. With dedication, perseverance, and a positive mindset, anyone can reach their full potential and accomplish their dreams.


About Cody Askins

Cody Askins is a speaker, entrepreneur, author of Zero To Six Figures, Creator of the Cody Askins YouTube Channel which has amassed over 119,000 subscribers. Cody Askins owns & operates 8 companies totaling more than $20,000,000 in annual revenue. CA is also the founder of The 8% Nation Conference, the industry’s largest event for all insurance agents to attend.

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