Collin McGriff of Refresh Steam Cleaning Uses The Power of Steam To Kill The COVID-19 Virus

Published on January 20, 2021

Mentor, Transformational Coach, Spiritual Minister, and founder of ReFresh Steam Cleaning, talks with Mindy Stricklin about and innovative technology that he uses in his business to successfully stop the spread of COVID-19.

Several years ago, Collin McGriff of ReFresh Steam Cleaning embarked on a journey of providing mobile detail services using innovative steam technology. His premise was that although cars are cleaned, buffed, shined and the interiors detailed, the car was still dirty and un-sanitized. 

McGriff learned that a study done by an Expedia car rental company found steering wheels to have four times more germs than a public toilet seat, and six times more germ-infested than your cell phone (which we tend to carry into the bathroom). Cup holders came next, followed by seat belts, the inside door handle, gear shift and audio volume knob. 

In fact, the study found the inside of the average car to be over 2,000 times germier than a phone, with more than 200 infectious bacteria per inch. 

“There had to be a way to sanitize our vehicles from germs and bacteria, and at the same time be safe and eco friendly”, stated McGriff. Thus ReFresh Steam Cleaning  was born. A steam cleaner, sanitizing and killing bacteria and germs, using the equivalent of a bottle of water on an entire car. 

McGriff states that steam may be a non-traditional method of cleaning your car, but it is one of the best. Typically, people steam clean their house carpets or take their clothes to the dry cleaner but their car is overlooked. A quick vacuum or wipe down might make your car appear clean but it isn’t sanitized. 

 The top three benefits of steam are: 

Steam kills germs, making your car a healthier place to be. 

Better for cleaning car upholstery, carpet, and paint. 

Eco-friendly – uses far less water than a hose or drive thru car wash. 

At the onset of COVID-19, like the rest of the nation, McGriff’s mobile detail business was put on hold. But during this time of global isolation, a renewed passion for his business grew, and McGriff saw that sanitizing spaces was a necessity. A medically necessary service that he would be able to provide not only to vehicles, but to fleets, homes, commercial buildings such as offices and government agencies. 

“In order to fight this COVID-19 battle, we all must do our part”, says McGriff. “Mitigation and prevention is the key to winning. We can not wait for a potential exposure to kill the germs and sanitize. We need to minimize possible transmissions, by practicing routine cleanings and sanitization until we get a handle on this, if we are to keep our country in operation and functioning in lieu of a lockdown. 

Refresh Steam Cleaning’s mission is to provide services on a national and even international level. The company has started a flagship franchise opportunity for owners and operators to be able to offer not only mobile detailing, but fleet, residential, commercial and government safety services nationwide. 

About Collin McGriff

As a minister, Collin McGriff selflessly, pours into the lives of others through coaching and mentoring.  Helping people to realize their full spiritual and financial potential is of paramount importance to him.  The mantle of assisting others to prosper in every area,  is his life’s work.  He is here to serve.

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