Colorado Network Marketing Leader, Bob Dubois, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Discusses the Freedom of Network Marketing

Published on May 1, 2018

This powerful interview offers unique insights for people interested in network marketing and the financial and time freedom it offers. Listen as he discusses his own discovery of network marketing and what it has meant for his own journey.

Bob Dubois never graduated high school or went to college, yet he has found financial success and true freedom for the constraints of the usual rat race. Instead of graduating, Mr. Dubois went to work in the spring of his senior year. As life went on, he had the typical struggles of raising a family and developed a problem with alcohol that lead him to Alcoholics Anonymous, which represents the beginning of a transformation for him.

His focus shifted to moving forward rather than looking back. He opened his own tree trimming business and three franchise location for a direct mail company only to discover that while he was doing well financially, he had no time to do the things he dreamed of doing in life. More importantly, the return on his investment of time and energy wasn’t helping him achieve some of his long-term goals as well as he would like.

This is when a friend introduced him to network marketing. He went into the meeting with no pre-conceived ideas of what network marketing way but left a mind filled with possibilities about making enough money to achieve his long-term goals, having the time to go on vacations, and no longer missing out on major events in his kids’ lives because he had to work.

He began his walk with network marketing without knowing where he was going to find the time to do the work to make his network marketing business work but believing in the value of the opportunity in front of him. He was especially intrigued with the thought of doing the work one time and continuing to get paid for it. He wanted the opportunity to own his businesses rather than being owned by his businesses.

Bob Dubois explains his rocky road to success in network marketing and even offers practical advice warning that many people “give up too soon,” giving up just before they find the success they were hoping for.

Learn more about the benefits network marketing has to offer by listening to the interview today.

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