Corporate Trainer, Beckie Jorgensen, Featured in Small Business Trendsetters Magazine

Published on April 22, 2015

Beckie Jorgensen advocates a strengths-based approach to management in Small Business Trendsetters feature.

Beckie Jorgensen was recently interviewed by Small Business Trendsetters Magazine about her strength-based approach to managing employees. “A lot of companies say that people are their best assets,” Jorgensen says, “but their actions just don’t show it.” Adopting a strengths-based approach to management allows companies an opportunity to back up what they say with their actions.

Jorgensen believes many companies operate from a position of ‘weakness management’ rather than focusing on the strengths of the individuals in the company. She advocates an approach that takes into account the strengths and talents of individual team members and what they can bring to the organization, rather than managing weaknesses in an effort to force employees to fit into the mold of a particular job description. This new perspective will allow managers to better quality feedback and can more effectively and efficiently reach performance objectives, goals, and desired outcomes.

In the interview, Jorgensen discusses the all-too-common epidemic of disengaged employees in companies across the country. She then goes on to describe how companies can experience tremendous improvements in productivity, employee morale, innovation and profits by finding a way to reengage these employees. According to the article, the average employee works at less than half of their capacity, further illustrating the negative impact these disengaged employees have on their companies and the economy as a whole.

According to Jorgensen, the key to implementing such a radical change in management style and company culture is to get leadership involved and on-board. Jorgensen shares that there are some misconceptions about this style of management, most notably that there is a lack of accountability. But that is often the exact opposite of reality. Instead, employees tend to thrive under the strengths-based approach, finding that their work is more satisfying, so they are more engaged, productive and happier.

Once the leadership team gets behind the initiative, the next step is to take stock of the strengths of each employee, beginning with management and working down. After strengths have been assessed, it is possible to identify and address any potential gaps before formulating a plan that allows the organization to leverage the strengths and talents of each individual.

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About Beckie Jorgensen
Beckie Jorgensen is a corporate trainer, executive coach and Certified Strengths Coach based in Mesa, Arizona. After spending 15 years as a Certified Human Resources Professional in Corporate America, Jorgensen left the office behind in an effort to have a greater impact on employee engagement and leadership development. For more information about Beckie Jorgense, visit:

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