Cosmina Balu Tops Amazon Best-Seller Lists with the book Put Me In Coach Vol 1

Published on December 8, 2015

Cosmina Balu, author, speaker and owner of, of Montreal, QC, Canada, tops best seller lists with the book Put Me in Coach Vol 1, featuring coaches from around the world who reveal their strategies for success in life and business.

The book hit best-seller lists on in US and Canada and Australia within 24 hours. It was ranked #1 in the “Ethics” category, as well as #3 in Kindle “Consulting” and #4 in the overall books “Small Business and Entrepreneurship” category.

Cosmina Balu has a message for women in conflicted relationships and it’s changing the way her clients perceive the suffering they may be experiencing. Her message is, “The biggest misconception people have is to believe that the other person in the relationship is responsible for their suffering.”

A near-death experience left Cosmina with the understanding that the human experience is about joy, not suffering. She struggled to free herself from the suffering she had carried from her earliest childhood and into her marriage and her relationship with her daughter. As she sought the answers to releasing suffering and finding joy, she became aware that women in similar situations were drawn to her.

She began to share what she was learning and she started seeing how her words were helping these women transform their relationships. When they stopped blaming others for their suffering the relationships began to heal and the women were finding joy.

In a recent interview, she explained the fallacy of “finding the right person” and how that idea creates suffering, “We always attract the right person, the person that helps us to become whole, to integrate the aspects of ourselves that we suppressed as child, in the name of survival. We deny and we suppress all aspects in ourselves that are not accepted by our primary caregivers. “This self-rejection is the birth of self-hate. The emptiness that we feel is the result of those missing rejected or disowned parts of our self. And the soul wants one thing, to make us whole again” (Teal Swan).

Cosmina teaches her clients that relationships are designed for identifying and healing wounds, “the conflict in a relationship is an opportunity of personal evolution. Each relationship we live mirrors the relationship with ourselves. When a woman lives in relationship in which she feels abandoned by her husband, for example, we discover together how she abandoned herself in the relationship. The partner shows her what she is doing to herself.”

“Put Me in Coach Vol 1”, The World’s Leading Coaches and Entrepreneurs reveal TOP STRATEGIES For the Game of Life and Business, contains material gathered and authored from top coaches from around the world. It is aimed at inspiring readers to rise up after a fall, wake up from the deep slumber and step into the life they desire. The book contains tips and strategies to improve health, deal with social problems, and build a solid business.

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