Crystal Cave, Stylist to Not So Skinny Women, Featured on Influencers Radio

Published on January 21, 2015

Crystal Cave, stylist to Not So Skinny Women, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps women love the bodies they’re in right now after they learn how to dress the right way for them.

Crystal Cave, stylist to Not So Skinny Women, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize discussing how she helps women love the bodies they’re in right now.

After years of styling celebrities and big brands from Taylor Swift, Mercedes Benz, and the Billboard Music Awards, Crystal has become a master at transformations, and not just in how women look but how they feel about themselves.

Many women have a preconceived notion that nothing works for them, as far as clothing. They actually don’t know their body type and end up picking the wrong clothes when shopping. When they don’t feel happy about how they look, it impacts others parts of their lives, including their self-confidence and self-worth.

Cave has been involved with the styling, branding and imaging of many industries, such as Mercedes Benz, as well as celebrities such as Taylor Swift. Her favorite clients, however, are the “not so skinny” women who flounder when they enter a clothing store.

She realizes that most women are always in transition with their bodies, losing and gaining weight endlessly.

According to Cave, “We all have this idea in our heads of this ideal future self. And instead of really loving the person and body we’re in now, the question I always ask is are you doing everything in your life, waiting to lose the weight? Because it may not just be about style.

They might be delaying dating or a career. A lot of people wait to lose the weight before living their lives. There’s some idea of perfect, and there is no real perfect in life. And they just keep waiting and not living the lives they’re in now.”

She feels that if women are not confident in how they look, they will continue to have insecurities with their bodies, and their style will reflect that. It doesn’t give someone the right mindset to really go out into the world with confidence and have body confidence.

“The biggest thing is just realizing that body confidence is a form of self-care,” shares Cave. “How you do that is by caring for the body you’re in now, whether it’s picking out the clothes that feel amazing to you and actually spending that time on yourself every morning. Getting dressed, putting on make-up and doing your hair. That makes you feel better, and then you bring that out into the world. And it might seem idealistic to say make it a better place, but you’ll at least go out into the world with a better mindset so you can feel more grounded in yourself and your life, not just your body.”

As so many focus their New Year’s resolutions on achieving the perfect body, their first step should actually be to love themselves the way they are after they learn how to style themselves to look great with the body they currently have. Crystal Cave excels in and thrives on helping women do exactly this.

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