Dale Gibbons, Top Business Coach shares how an employee embezzlement forced him to create a Guaranteed Cash Flow Profit System that he now uses with his coaching clients

Published on March 11, 2021

Dale Gibbons was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host, Nina Hershberger, talking about how his experience owning three 7-figure businesses and employee embezzlement created the passion to become a Business Coach.

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Nina Hershberger, Dale Gibbons shared why every business owner should have a business coach/mentor.

“We don’t have 360 degree visibility as business owners. We are very myopic creatures and can only effectively focus on one thing at a time. Having a business coach helps have an extra set of eyes and ears to see opportunities and possible pitfalls,” explains Gibbons. “We see things from a different perspective and life experiences.”

The first part of Gibbon’s coaching with a client begins by understanding their limiting beliefs and then defining what they really want their life to look like.  Gibbons challenges them that perhaps owning a $10 million dollar business with a 10% profit margin is not as ideal as owning a $500,000 business with an 80% profit margin.

When COVID hit, many businesses suddenly had to transform what business they were in and navigate a new path they were unsure about.  That’s where Gibbons skills and experience is priceless to these business owners.

Having an outside viewpoint and someone to bounce ideas off and helping them define a implementation roadmap can make the difference between success and failure.

“The number one thing all businesses should do is keep their eye on their bank statement and cash flow. It is all about timing. They may have made sales, but the cash hasn’t come in yet and they can be in problems quickly,” explains Gibbons.  “Which is why I created a system to improving and managing profits and cash flow that leads to confidence, peace of mind, and a bank balance that’s always positive.

All this is explained in his new book “The 90 Minute Profit and Cash Flow Breakthrough” which was inspired by his own nail-biting experience of having tens of thousands embezzled from one of his companies.

To listen to the full interview, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/dale-gibbons-top-business-coach-on-how-to-increase-profits-and-keep-cash-flow-forever-positive/

Dale Gibbons may be reached by email at Dale@Your7FigureBusinessCoach.com.

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