Dale Rimmer Siding Becomes First TAMKOPro Of Chalfont, PA.

Published on August 27, 2015

Tamko Building Products Inc. is proud to designate Dale Rimmer Siding as its most recent TAMKOPro, allowing the company to offer their customers an increased up-front protection period of 30 years on select Tamko shingle lines.

There are contractors, and then there are reputable contractors.  Those contractors who make continuing education and professional development central to their business are better prepared to serve their clients well and succeed in business for the long haul.  This is certainly the case with Dale Rimmer Siding, an exterior remodeling contracting company from Chalfont, Pennsylvania.  Since 1982, the company has prided itself on having a team of knowledgeable professionals who ensure projects meet the highest standards of workmanship with Mr. Dale Rimmer meeting with each client and personally overseeing each project. The company offers an array of services from complete new siding and roof installations to window and door replacements, as well as offering twenty-four hour emergency service.

In business for 32 years and guided by the steady hand of its namesake, Dale Rimmer Siding has recently been certified as a TAMKOPro by one of the nation’s leading asphalt roofing shingle manufacturers, TAMKO Building Products.  The designation of TAMKOPro is not taken lightly by TAMKO, a privately held, third-generation, All-American manufacturer.  Successful completion of this application process requires a business that is, and has been, fiscally responsible and financially healthy, has established a long-standing commitment in its local community, practiced the proper installation techniques necessary to withstand the test of time and harsh elements; essentially an exterior remodeling company that local residents can count on as a trusted and respected professional.

There are a variety of TAMKO shingle product options, but most notably are the Heritage Woodgate and Heritage Premium lines.  Not only are the shingles beautiful, they offer thirty-and fifty-year limited warranties including an up-front protection period of fifteen and twenty years respectively when installed by any contractor.  However, this up-front protection period increases to thirty years when installed by a TAMKOPro, such as Dale Rimmer Siding. The noted up-front protection period not only covers the replacement of defective materials but also the labor cost for installation. Additionally these products come backed with other valuable warranties, including a five-year limited transferability, ten-year limited algae relief/algae cleaning warranty, and fifteen-year limited warranty against damage from winds up to 130mph, giving the consumer complete peace of mind. 

Dale Rimmer Siding has maintained a positive reputation for the past thirty-two years and his clients can count on him to be a responsible and reliable part of their community.  Aside from Rimmer’s latest accomplishment as a TAMKOPro, Dale Rimmer Siding is also a member of Angie’s List’s Honor Roll, an active member of the Home Builders Association of Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and also an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. Local homeowners in the Northern Philadelphia Suburbs are fortunate to have such a trusted contractor in their area.

Company Name: Dale Rimmer Siding
Contact Person: Dale Rimmer
Email: dale@dalerimmersiding.biz
Phone: 215-822-1900
Country: USA
Website: http://dalerimmersiding.biz