Dame Doria (DC) Cordova Reveals “How She Has Found The Perfect Sync Between Money, Mindset, And Peace” In LiT Magazine Worldwide

Published on February 9, 2022

In an interview with Michelle Quevedo of LiT Magazine, Dame Doria shares her journey in finding and leveraging her life experiences to become one of the world's most sought-after influencers today. Here is the true essence of her success revealed.

Dame Doria shares, “There are more than enough resources for everyone. Learn the tools on how to access them! So go ahead and live life FULL-ON, build that wealth in a sustainable way which can also help humanity and the world.”

Here is what Michelle Quevedo said about Dame Doria in LiT Magazine Worldwide:

Dame Doria (DC) Cordovia, CEO/Owner – Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, Money & You, and author of the bestselling book, “Access to Cash and It’s Not What You Think It Is.”

“Dame Doria wakes up every morning to meditate. After breakfast, she logs on to at least 17 business communication platforms, followed by several meetings and media appearances. Yet even with a very full day, she still takes the time to nourish her mind with knowledge and wonder.”

“She does all this while she and her sister oversee the care of their 96-year-old mother; often traveling between residences in Maui and San Diego, fosters the growth of people in her realm, and still spends quality time with her beloved, Chris Mentzel. This is only a glimpse of a day in the life of Dame Doria Cordova, and she embodiment of living a life “FULL-ON” and through the heart.”

 “As a daughter of parents from Chile, Dame Doria immigrated with the family in the 1960s to the United States. She immersed herself into city life in Los Angeles, California as a young adult, and after some heartbreaking experiences, she then aimed her life toward the law.”

“Starting out as a court reporter, she became surrounded by law officials, attorneys, and those being prosecuted for crimes. Being immersed in the law in this way became a huge asset for future entrepreneurial endeavors. After relocating to Maui, Hawaii, in the 1970s, she had what she calls “an enlightenment experience.” Shortly after that – (and no coincidence) – she was introduced to the work of Buckminster Fuller, which completely changed her life. And through a series of wondrous circumstances, her massive entrepreneurial life began after she attended the Burklyn Business School for Entrepreneurs – the first of its kind – and she has never abandoned her entrepreneurial path nor her beloved Hawaiian Islands since.”

“As the only Latin woman, Dame Doria became part of the group of pioneers led by Marshall Thurber and Bobbi DePorter, who began the development of the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training industry in the late 70s. She embraced this work with a passion. Starting out as a promoter of the programs, she then led the expansion of the work, including organizing events for the training of instructors for these programs. She inherited the totality of the Intellectual Property of the work on July 8, 1985, which has now expanded to what it is today – nearly 200,000 graduates from over 85 countries – through countless partners, associates, teams, and the support of many graduates and friends. Her stated purpose is to “uplift humanity’s consciousness through socially responsible businesses.” And always leading by example, Dame Doria is a respected philanthropist, humanitarian, and an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems worldwide and eradicate poverty and hunger.”

“With her remarkable ability to be a leader and philanthropist, Dame Doria (DC) was Knighted as Dame of Honor by The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Order of St. John – Russian Grand Priory for her lifelong service to humanity. She was later advanced to Dame Commander of Grace and then to Chancellor of the California Priory of the Order for her contribution to the growth of the Order. And this is how she became known as Dame Doria Cordova.

“If you were to ask Dame Doria about money, she would share with you that money is a tool – some say “an energy” that is neither good nor bad. If you have a scarcity of money in your bank account, then you most likely have a scarcity mindset in many areas of your life. For decades Dame Doria has worked to help change that scarcity mindset by teaching people how to clear blocks to experience sufficiency in life.”

“Bucky Fuller teaches us that you cannot go from scarcity to abundance without sufficiency. Doria explains. “I recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to attract more money than they first start to change their relationship with money… If you want to build wealth, then you must first learn how money works, how to create leverage in key areas of your life and business, and how to expand your understanding of accessibility – not only to cash but also resources, networks, experts, and support, that are readily available for most people.”

“As the owner of the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs, Money & You, and other Excellerated programs, Dame Doria has ensured that the teachings of R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller are known by as many around the world as possible. As a result, the wealth mindset, and entrepreneurial education she still curates and provides, are now acclaimed as more relevant today than ever before.”

” If anybody ever desires to delve deep into the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training industry’s evolution, they would be wise to follow Dame Doria Cordova as she reveals the history of the origins of these training methods and leaders.”

 “Now, you may ask yourself: What does Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Ben Cohen, Paul Mitchell, Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon Lechter, and Forbes Riley, and many of their level of fame and reputation have in common? The answer would be that they have attended the Money & You program with Dame Doria (DC) Cordova. It is also important to note that many of these graduates have used and expanded on the Excellerated experiential educational methods; and have gone on to use the systems taught within the program in their own organizations, which is music to Dame Doria’s ears since it’s in alignment with her mission to transform educational systems. This training industry has become a parallel alternative educational system to traditional educational techniques, which are antiquated and have changed little for centuries!”

“In 1985, Dame Doria, along with Robert Kiyosaki and his then-wife, Kim Kiyosaki, of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series, opened the entrepreneurial, experiential, transformational training industry first in Australia, then New Zealand, subsequently Singapore, and later Doria with other partners, expanding the work through the Asia Pacific region!”

“This includes Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and other countries. With a large influence in the Chinese language through the Asia Pacific region. Having presented programs in China for 19 years, her partner Dr. Willson Lin and his Doers Group organizations have put the Excellerated programs “on the map.” This is why many in Asia refer to Dame Doria as “The Asian Connection” for western entrepreneurs and organizations.”

“Dame Doria’s aim as of late is towards her Foundation, so her legacy, which is built from over 42 years of philanthropy and teaching the principles of wealth education, will continue its deeply carved path. This aim includes her focus on eradicating world hunger, a mission she knows is within reach of humanity today.”

“Dame Doria is a woman who finds solutions in life; therefore, she is still optimistic about the future. But, to Dame Doria, those who desire to help humanity and the world must understand how money and wealth are a big part of the solution.”

“She is currently developing her dream, the Excellerated Online University – a platform that will include the many mentors and masters she encounters daily in her entrepreneurial and humanitarian endeavors. That’s right! Dame Doria is still blazing a trail, and her focus is still sharp as ever. All who know her and are blessed to call her a friend and mentor can only wish that everyone be fortunate enough to be as happy, productive, and beloved as Dame Doria (DC) Cordova.”

To learn more about the incredible journey that Doria has taken or read the complete article as it appeared in LIT Magazine, go to https://www.litmagazineworldwide.com/dc-cordova or check out what Dame Doria is doing now visit https://dccordova.com.

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