Dan Wilsford, President of Balco Systems, Reveals How Balco Systems Helps West Texas School Districts Keep Their Children Safe During The School Day On Rise Up Radio.

Published on November 6, 2018

Owner of Balco Systems, in Lubbock Texas, Dan Wilsford was the featured guest on Rise Up Radio with Tom Chesser, the talk show host. They talked about how Balco Systems helped Shallowater ISD keep students safe during the school day.
According to Wilford, “Balco Systems recognizes there is no second chance when It comes to the safekeeping of our kids in our West Texas Schools. Given the current tragic events, Balco Systems helps schools keep kids safe.”
Wilsford talked about how Balco Systems now has turned much of their company’s resources to providing critical communication systems in schools. They have partnered up with their vendor, Rauland, the industry leader in school communications, to bring the absolute top of the line critical communication system to their community schools. The system provides seamless communication in all the rooms, hallways, outbuildings, and to the entire district. The system can secure the entrance doors with a push of a button while alerting first responders and deploying a pre-recorded informational message to students and staff. 
Wilsford explained how Balco’s critical communication system for schools is a district-wide solution to communication. The Balco system can interact not only with every campus, but with every building on every campus in the district; and, includes one button district-wide lockdown. This type of integrated contact is a game changer when it comes to school safety. Balco’s critical communication system for schools is a district-wide solution to communication. 
During this interview Superintendent Kenny Border, Shallowater ISD joined us on the show to share his perspective and why they added this new security system in his district. 
Here is his West Texas School Districts Story: Shallowater ISD, has installed this new security system and implemented new lockout policies to keep students safe during the school “Safety of our students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance for Shallowater, ISD with recent happenings across the country,” Border said. “We continuously look to see where we can better improve the safety for our kids,“ SISD says it’s time to be more proactive – each of its school buildings will become a lockout facility after the morning tardy bell.”
Borders mentioned, “Prior to this initiative, our main entrances to each of our campuses were unlocked all day. It was a point of access that created a safety concern; To address that concern, we increased our technological capabilities within our district. That is why they choose Balco Systems & Rauland, to bring this top of the line critical communication system to their community schools.”
Borders proclaimed, “Shallowater ISD started the new security measures with its middle school and will continue until all SISD school buildings are under this new system. Our students at the middle school are now in a locked-in situation where there’s no access from the outside of the building to the inside of the building without using the system,”. 
Borders wrapped up by saying that ” He would be recommending Balco Systems to other Superintends that are also concerned with their schools’ safety. Because of how Balco listened to there concerns and worked together to come up with the solution that they needed,” 
This system is an intercom and emergency alert system all in one. It provides all these features.
• Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuation 
• District-wide notifications are initiated from a single web-based interface targeting the District, the Campus or the School. 
• Critical Notifications on a Range of Emergencies 
• An immediate, customized response can be relayed via phone, browser or panic button for different scenarios. 
• Track Responses Across the School or District. 
• Emergency check-in notifications can be monitored for classrooms not locked down, and calls continue annunciating until they are answered.
• Pre-record Messages to Deliver Custom Instructions 
Custom instructions, emergency tones, emails can all be launched with a single touch, tailored to each scenario. 
• Synchronize Across the District, Automatically 
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