Dante Kun’s new book, The Land of Whores and Honey, shakes up the political world and Dante has no qualms about telling the truth.

Published on July 30, 2015

Dante Kun's new book, The Land of Whores and Honey, shakes up the political world and Dante has no qualms about telling the truth.

In his new book, “The Land of Whores and Honey: A comprehensive look at the delicate ballet between the emerging Western matriarchy and the ancient Eastern patriarchy.” Dante Kun gives a logical perspective on western society; the social conditioning and gynocentric behavior of our matriarchy and the difference between the stern beliefs of the East.  This book gives insight into what could be called a “True threat assessment for America’s impending collapse in direct proportion to the fall of the Rome.”

“In a world where politics are dictated by personal gain and information dispensed by media experts; today’s politics seem to have no stake in the personal lives of the constituents who placed them in office in the first place,” Dante says, and has no qualms about the honesty imparted upon the readers of the book.

As a former professional body guard, Mixed Martial Arts trainer, holder of two degrees, and many certifications in conflict resolution, one might not expect Dante to have such a political voice.  Instead, he has published his first book, and has committed his life to the passion of writing.

“When the antics of the current political system impressed upon me the need to write this book, I realized the citizens of the United States needed to understand the truth,” Dante says.  “There are many reasons that our population is lead astray and the conglomerate news media plays a huge part in spinning the truth.”

Dante B. Kun is a graduate of Executive Security International, the Harvard of bodyguard schools, and a well-trained threat assessment expert. Dante worked with gang members of all races at Pelican Bay state prison and examined the populations ideologies which gave insight into the radicalization process rarely understood by most Western citizens. Dante holds degrees in education and psychology and has certifications in anger management and domestic violence intervention. Dante served in the US army as an 11 Delta/19 Delta and was decorated with the Imjim Scout Citation for meritorious service.

“I have no investment in consensus; especially when to agree to blatant societal conditioning is akin to leading animals to slaughter,” Dante says. “I can only present what I discovered through trial and error.  As you begin to see behind the veil of deceit, people will not be so willing to agree with the conditioning that allows you to believe in the American pipe Dream.”  

According to Dante, “The real enemy of any free society is fascism because it affects the mind the way a virus affects its host.  Yet fascism has a signature that can be easily recognized before it manifests as a radical human being. This book will instruct how to recognize the smiling, friendly fascist.   To become radicalized is to be a fascist in the first place.”  

A delight for readers who may rarely get a behind-the-scenes look at society; this book serves as a refreshing wake-up call. Dante’s message is: “Right action and true discernment can only come through a true understanding of how a human being becomes radical, and political correctness is not part of that equation.”

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