David Bame, Jr. Reaches Three Best Seller Lists with ‘The Authority Mindset’

David Bame, Jr. Reaches Three Best Seller Lists with ‘The Authority Mindset’

Marketing Director and Owner of Bullseye Marketing Agency, LLC, David Bame, Jr. is featured in the new book, “The Authority Mindset.” The book recently reached three Amazon Top Ten Best Seller lists and is currently available in the Amazon Kindle bookstore.

This triple best-selling book reached the #1 spot in the ‘Professional Development’ category, the #2 slot in the ‘E-Commerce’ category, and the #4 slot in the ‘Web Marketing’ category on Wednesday August 13, 2014.

The book was compiled from conversations, mastermind sessions and the experience of top marketing consultants around the world on the specific and powerful topic of Authority Positioning. Each contributing author has spent years helping entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals, not just with marketing tactics, but with developing “The Authority Mindset” that is required to gain the expert recognition from prospects, customers and even national media.

In the past two decades, Bame has started, built and successfully sold three brick and mortar businesses in different industries. “The journey from young entrepreneur just starting out to seasoned entrepreneurial veteran began with hope, faith, and belief along with self-determination and a willingness to keep trying no matter how many failures I experienced,” Bame says. “I recognize the importance of quickly learning from my failures to minimize them by failing quick and failing forward. I maximize my successes by consistently building upon what I’ve learned from both failure and success.”

Bame’s company, Bullseye Marketing Agency, LLC, helps other businesses promote themselves by cutting through the confusion of the new digital marketing age to identify the opportunities that will work best for them.

Learn more about David Bame, Jr. and Bullseye Marketing Agency, LLC at: http://www.321Bullseye.com.

“The Authority Mindset” is available in the Amazon Bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/Authority-Mindset-Principles-Establishing-Yourself-ebook/dp/B00MK9NBKU/

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