David Moyer, Owner Of DepartSure Life Safety Reveals How Fire Door Inspections Meet Code Requirements, Save Lives and Protect Property

David Moyer, Owner Of DepartSure Life Safety Reveals How Fire Door Inspections Meet Code Requirements, Save Lives and Protect Property

Certified Fire Door Assembly Inspector David Moyer was recently interviewed on Small Business Trendsetters Magazine by Joel Helfer, journalist. He revealed how required annual fire door inspections bring doors into compliance with building, fire, and life safety codes, save lives, and protect property.

Small Business Magazine Trendsetters Magazine recently interviewed David Moyer, Owner of DepartSure Life Safety. He offered his insights on the need for annual fire door inspections and the training he offers building staff that would improve the overall fire safety of a structure, save lives and protect property.

Moyer noted that health care facilities are required to complete annual fire door inspections. Other facilities such as primary and secondary (K-12) schools, colleges and universities, public facilities, and all types of buildings need these annual inspections to meet code requirements.  His mission is to educate authorities, owners and facility managers on the benefits of annual fire door inspections, which are often overlooked.

According to Moyer, there are 11 detailed inspection points identified in NFPA 80 that need to be checked annually and brought into compliance on all fire doors. He said, ”facility staff are often trained in the fire door inspection process so they can prepare doors for inspection.” He noted that doing so will reduce inspection and long term maintenance costs.

During the interview, Moyer described that fire marshals and insurance company officials rely on the report of a qualified fire door inspector to ensure doors are operating properly, protecting life and property. “Inoperable fire doors put tenants, and the entire facility, at risk in the event of a fire or other catastrophe”, he noted.

He offered information for architects and specification writer design professionals who want more on this subject at his site.  You can obtain information here at http://departsure.net/market-solutions/design-professionals/.

“David, is a top notch individual who gives 110% effort at all times. He is highly intelligent and very focused. He has a can do attitude and is always willing to help others. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and is a pleasure to work with.”  Tom Leone, Director of Sales at HDW.

To learn more about DepartSure Life Safety, one of the Northeastern United States’ finest Fire Door Inspection Companies, go to their website at http://www.departsure.net.

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