David Shands Leads the Discussion on New Age Entrepreneurship at Investfest

Published on October 14, 2021

David Shands and a panel of other key leaders in the entrepreneurial arena discuss the need to educate the next generation of entrepreneurs on how to turn ideas into income

Atlanta, GA, October 2021 – David Shands, an authority in the entrepreneurship arena, hosted the “New Age Entrepreneurship” breakout session at Investfest 2021, at the Georgia World Congress Center. This breakout session connected key leaders who have all taken new and different approaches to build out their businesses.  The event which had over 4,000 in attendance put on by Earn Your Leisure (EYL) University CEOs, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, included speakers and performers such as Hill Harper, Les Brown, 19 Keys, Jim Jones, Fabolous, MG The Mortgage Guy, John Henry, Ian Dunlap, Wall Street Trapper, Ronne Brown, and Ne-Yo.

David Shands, a self-made entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, business coach, and top-ranking podcaster, has been a major voice in the discussion on how the approach to business as an entrepreneur is evolving. On his podcast “Social Proof” that he co-hosts with Donni Wiggins, he provides insight and knowledge for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and ideas. Social Proof is the #7 entrepreneurship podcast in the country and #43 business podcasts among all podcasts and houses over 100 interviews with entrepreneurs who all have a new or unique approach to business.

“We introduce people who have social proof, who have built something and have a story to tell,” said Shands.  Shands is also the founder of The Morning Meetup (www.TheMorningMeetUp.com), which is the only entrepreneurship training community in the country that gathers EVERY morning to help entrepreneurs navigate the journey to success.

Shands himself had his own unique business journey, going from employee to employer back in 2012 after he quit his job at the Cheesecake Factory and went on to build his own apparel line. From there, he has gone on to build a nationwide coaching program where he teaches start-ups, business owners, high school students, and even middle school students how to turn their ideas into their income while making the transition from day job to daydream just as he had.

His approach to business is built on simple principles like critical thinking and prioritizing your dreams.  “If you lose sleep doing what you love, you will eventually live the dream you only would have dreamt,” says David.

After years of leading and facilitating the discussion on new-age entrepreneurship, Shands was invited to lead the Investfest New Age Entrepreneurship conversation, featuring a panel of key leaders in the entrepreneurship arena:

Kezia Williams – the founder of a national initiative to train African American entrepreneurs

Ronne Brown – the founder of a community set on educating women on being the CEO of their businesses

Paulla McCarthy – the founder of a program designed to inspire youth and educate them on finances

Derrick Grace – the founder of a multimillion-dollar empire built off the concept of self-education

Shands and the speakers sat down for a candid conversation about what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur today. They dove into discussions about why your vision is important, how to think outside the box while your business is an infant, why sitting on ideas can kill your business, and much more. “In our journeys as entrepreneurs, we experience some of the most incredible triumphs known to the human experience. These victories come at a great cost, and the lessons learned are innumerable,” says Shands.

The aim of this discussion was to empower new entrepreneurs by enlightening them on what being in business is all about so that they can bring their own dreams to life, turn their ideas into income, and become the key speaker to empower others to do the same.

David even goes on to pose the question “Who’s going to be up here next year?”

To view the entire New Age Entrepreneurship breakout session, visit David Shand’s YouTube channel.

About David Shands

David Shands is a self-made entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author, business coach, and top-ranking podcaster. He was named one of Urban Shake Magazine’s favorite Atlanta entrepreneurs. David is most known for his top-charting Social Proof podcast as well as his nationwide small business coaching program that teaches entrepreneurs across the country how to turn their ideas into income.



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