David Tong, Author of How Cash Works, Vows to Support Financial Freedom by Offering a Free Copy of His Book For a Limited Time

Published on January 16, 2019

Author David Tong steps up his support of financial freedom for all by offering a free copy of his book, How Cash Works, to anyone who visits his website for a limited time.

David Tong, a business growth consultant who helps his clients achieve financial freedom using proven strategies focusing on passive income, is also the author of How Cash Works: Exploring the Unexpected Benefits of Property Investment in the New Age.  This book explores the ways in which readers can utilize strategies to escape the cycle of working from pay-check to pay-check and experience real financial independence.

According to the author, too many people are trapped in “modern slavery” to jobs they hate and lack the freedom to do what they want and to become the best person they can be.  However, there are ways to find this freedom and earn a living through means other than resorting to daily drudgery.  With their new-found independence, those who were once ensnared by everyday jobs can choose what they do, how they contribute to society and who they want to be.

Tong notes, “The goal of achieving financial freedom is actually a selfless one.  You can now choose to come out of modern slavery and follow your calling to contribute to the world. You can fully express yourself and allow your creativity to become reality. Society benefits from your contribution much more than if you were just ‘doing a job.’”

For a limited time, Tong is offering a free copy of his book through his website, http://howcashworksbook.com/.  For more information, and to claim a free copy of How Cash Works, a $39 value, visit the website.

About David Tong:  David Tong is an international speaker, author and business growth consultant who focuses his efforts on helping people achieve their dreams of wealth and financial independence.  His latest book, How Cash Works, explores the relationship between financial freedom and realizing personal goals.

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