Dawn Bates International Launches Groundbreaking 7-Week Author Course to Empower Aspiring Writers Globally

Published on January 2, 2024

DBI, founded by Dawn Bates, is a beacon of authority through literature and personal activism.

Dawn Bates International (DBI) takes a bold stand, providing a lifeline for aspiring authors with the launch of their revolutionary 7 Week Author Course. This transformative program, designed by Dawn Bates, an award-winning international bestselling author, offers a unique blend of author coaching, business strategies, and life coaching, empowers individuals to not only write impactful books but also build successful author businesses.

DBI, founded by Dawn Bates, is a beacon of authority through literature and personal activism. The organization is committed to fostering positive change globally by harnessing the power of healing through the written word. Services offered include author coaching, developmental editing, manuscript assessments, narrative therapy healing, bespoke publishing, and distance learning courses, using 1:1 coaching with Dawn herself, and through the Author Academy. The vision is to awaken and inspire individuals to become authors who drive positive social change. For more details, visit Dawn Bates International.

Dawn Bates is an accomplished author with nearly twenty books to her name. Her journey from being bullied as a child to becoming an award winning international bestselling author and activist fueled her conviction that change can be ignited through literature. Bates shares, “Activism by pen is well thought out.”

The 7 Week Author Course, a signature distance learning program, is for those who are considering writing a book or those who have completed one but lack the success they desire, and the resources to hire a business coach. This modular course, led by Bates, facilitates self-paced learning and is most potent when completed in seven weeks, creating momentum and habit formation crucial for a successful author career.

The 7 Week Author Course covers the entire spectrum of authorship, from understanding writing and publishing processes to mastering the business of being an author. Designed to boost daily word count, eliminate writer’s block, and create an ideal writing environment, the course also delves into business planning, action plans for awards, and the environmental impacts of publishing. Bates’s extensive experience as a single mother, international businesswoman, and author positions her uniquely to guide aspiring writers through the challenges they may face.

What sets DBI apart is Dawn Bates’s firsthand experience of the author’s journey, from being published by others to reclaiming her manuscript and copyright. Her global perspective, having immersed herself in over 40 different countries and cultures, makes DBI the most culturally aware boutique publisher worldwide. As a single mother, Bates intimately understands the balance between home life and the business of writing, including financial challenges and overcoming limiting beliefs.

DBI isn’t just a publisher; it’s a movement for social justice and human rights. Bates’s vision extends beyond literature, aiming to provide education and resources for a better world. The company challenges conventional publishing norms by offering a comprehensive package that includes coaching, business strategies, brand expansion and a commitment to literature with a social conscience.

DBI’s primary goal is ambitious yet purpose-driven: to support one million authors with her 7 Week Author Course. Bates emphasizes, “When you know what you stand for and choose to own your voice, then you become the person you were born to become.” The secondary goal is to establish Dawn Bates as the number one author coach globally, reinforcing her commitment to guiding authors toward impactful and socially conscious writing.

In a climate where cancel-culture prevails, the 7 Week Author Course emerges as a beacon of hope. Bates states, “Now is the time to find out who YOU really are by purging and aligning your thoughts, beliefs, values, and vision onto paper and creating a future and a legacy YOU can be proud of!”

Join the Movement – Unleash Your Inner Author

DBI invites aspiring authors worldwide to join the movement and embark on a transformative journey with the 7 Week Author Course. This is not just about writing books; it’s about owning your voice, standing for something meaningful, and building a legacy that resonates globally.

For more information and to enroll in the 7 Week Author Course, visit Dawn Bates International – Author Academy.


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