Dax Releases Official Music Video For "So Down" The Single From Debut Ep "Suksexful"

Dax Releases Official Music Video For “So Down” The Single From Debut Ep “Suksexful”

Indie/Dance recording artist Dax releases eclectic and catchy music video about 4 beautiful women.

Indie/Dance recording artist Dax has released the official music video for “So Down,” the tantalizing single from his debut EP, Suksexful, out now on Sniper Twins Records.

The music video is available here:


In the visually stimulating, offbeat video, Dax meets four beautiful women: 

– The blonde with the black bra

– Her brunette friend with a pink thong

– The Indian girl with the white sarong and

– The redhead girl with nothing on… underneath it all

Dax serenades the women, describing, in blush-worthy detail, the things he wants to do with them. What ensues is a sexy, entertainingly bizarre series of events that will make the viewer laugh as they groove to the song’s catchy dance beat. 

Dax says he did this song because, “Of all the demos I had been working on, this seemed the most interesting at the time.  I liked the idea of a long intro based on repeating 4 descriptions of 4 different women, and then I liked what I had come up with in a verse that just oozes this flow of desires a guy has for a woman.  The angst of it all, as well, gave it a dimension that I didn’t have in my previous single, AEIOU, so I liked that aspect as well.”

Musicians get inspiration from some of the most eclectic places.  

Dax says of his inspiration, “Pepe Le Pew is definitely an inspiration as he’s someone who goes on and on about all the things he wants to do to the females he desires in a very comical and flowing sort of way.  Musically, this song is influenced by LCD Soundsystem and Beck, as are most of the other tunes on my EP.  I need to stop listening to them.  Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ would definitely keep coming up in conversation as I would explain to people who worked on the project the idea of an intro that went on for a while and then never returned in the song.”

Dax, a Brooklynite by way of Austin, TX, is part of the directing duo known as Sniper Twins. They have directed television commercials and media for world-renowned brands, including Burger King, Sky TV, Carling Beer, Hershey’s, and Mentos, among others.

In addition to their professional directing career, the duo also write, produce, and perform original music and direct their own music videos.

Dax released his 5-track EP, SUKSEXFUL, in July 2014.

SUKSEXFUL is available on iTunes or Amazon. SUKSEXFUL can be streamed on Spotify. For more information on Dax or to watch music videos for all five songs visit http://www.Suksexful.com

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