Debbie Horovitch Brings The Silver Linings Storybook to Myrtle Beach in January for Book Launch & Solopreneur Networking Events

Published on October 14, 2016

The publishers of the bestselling series The Silver Linings Storybook are planning to host a series of book publishing & launch events in Myrtle Beach January 12, 13, and 14, 2017, demonstrating the benefits of becoming a bestselling author, and storytelling in business, to create engagement and networking opportunities for local business owners.

Debbie Horovitch, the series creator and publisher is hosting these events to elevate awareness for her local client and bestselling book author Barbara Ann Bruno, and selected Myrtle Beach for its “domestic” USA location for coauthors of The Silver Linings Storybook V2 to attend their own book launch events; also for the opportunity for her to escape the January Winter cold in her hometown Toronto, Canada.

Horovitch, who was credited by bestselling author Mike Michalowicz for helping inspire his business success book Profit First and accompanying professional certification program, created The Silver Linings Storybook series for entrepreneurs to experience becoming published book authors. To experience the marketing benefits of storytelling and becoming a published book author, without the large investment of time and money normally associated with effective marketing activities.

The current Volume 2 is accepting coauthor chapter submissions through the submission deadline of October 28, 2016. Anyone who participates will be able to add the title “bestselling book author” to their achievements in 2016, and launch into the new role with a 3-day book launch extravaganza designed to help leverage the coauthors newly earned title, confidence, and product.

Volume 2 will be published in November and make an immediate play for bestseller status, although Horovitch warns it could be more difficult late in the month with Black Friday & Cyber Monday “competitors flooding the marketplace with sophisticated book promotions, designed to be everywhere”. For the holidays, Horovitch plans to promote custom print runs for sponsors who want to hire a silver linings speaker to attend their next event, and offer custom printed copies of the book as a high-value take away for attendees, hosted or sponsored, subsidized by the organization’s annual marketing budget.

Three separate events are planned to launch the books in January; each will require a location sponsor/partner and all F&B, A/V, plus hotel rooms for visiting guests, and local organizations that can contribute to the content or platform of the event are welcome to make suggestions for participation.

  1. Thursday, January 12 The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 2 Book Launch Party All coauthors of The Silver Linings Storybook Volume 2 and previous will be invited to celebrate their achievement, network with their international coauthors, and speak in front of a local professional audience. Free to attend. Looking for a restaurant or event venue to partner with and host.
  2. Friday, January 13Claim Your Authority (CYA) Intensive Hosted by Social Sparkle & Shine Visiting coauthors and local attendees will be treated to a transformative experience that is more dreaming & entertainment, than it is dry business planning, hosted by Debbie Horovitch. CYA is on Friday so local attendees can begin implementing ideas over the weekend, and be more of an authority on their subject matter expertise, by the time they return to work on Monday. A celebrity speaker will be delivering a keynote presentation about the benefits of becoming a published author and how to use a book to build your professional brand. Tickets $197/$497. Looking for local host MC, location, media and other sponsors to participate and share in promotions.
  3. Saturday, January 14 The Happiness Chapter Volume 2 – Hosted by Local Barbara Ann Bruno This showcase of expertise, ideas, and workshops with health and happiness speakers from around the world. Silver Linings Storybook authors travel from around the globe to share their stories with locals. Each speaker is an expert in their field and leader for a specialty of health and/or happiness. Book store on site. Free to attend. Looking for potential partner locations, speakers, sponsors, and bookstore partner.

Barbara Ann Bruno, who is cohosting the launch events in Myrtle Beach says “The Silver Linings Storybook provides us [the co-authors] a chance to share our stories of success in both our personal and professional lives, after facing diversity. I was fortunate to know several coauthors from Volume 1 who inspired me to share my story of strength after several setbacks in my life that could have stopped me from moving forward in career. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my silver lining and offer the possibility of hope to others.”

The Volume 2 launch events welcome all coauthors and invited guests will be treated to a series of marketing and publishing celebrations for anyone who has a silver linings story to share, or wants to see examples of how to integrate personal storytelling into effective authority communications for business.

Copies of Volume 1 of The Silver Linings Storybook are available on Amazon in ebook and print format

Find out more about this project, and nominate yourself or another person to be featured in an upcoming local or niche edition of The Silver Linings Storybook, by visiting Debbie Horovitch at or by calling 416-553-2157.

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Contact Person: Debbie Horovitch
Phone: 416-553-2157
Country: Canada