Digital Marketer, High Ticket Expert, and Business Coach Marian V Esanu Attends Business Innovators Radio’s Popular Show

Published on May 2, 2018

Marian V Esanu helps coaches, authors, speakers and service providers productize and scale their business through high ticket sales funnels and the newest lead generation methods. He was the special guest in a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio hosted by Alicia Dibrell.

Business Innovators Radio is pleased to reveal that noted digital marketer, high ticket expert, and business coach Marian V Esanu was the special guest in a recent episode of their highly rated show. A marketing wizard, Marian helps his clients with the overall outreach through the infinite power of digital marketing. He is also a 2 Comma Club Winner with ClickFunnels.

Born and raised in Romania, Europe, Marian migrated to the United States a few years ago. During the discussion with the show host Alicia Dibrell, he spoke about the difficulties he faced initially as an immigrant.  

“My story started about five and half years ago when I immigrated to the United States. I am originally from Europe, Romania,” Marian said. “The first two years of me getting here, I could tell you it was pretty tough at the beginning. Understanding the culture, working multiple jobs, how a new country works, and everything that comes along with it from an immigrant’s standpoint. ”

After working in local company for a short while, Marian started his first business that was a local transportation company.  Soon after launching his company, he understood the importance of online visibility in the context of running any modern-day business. Today, Marian is the CEO of MVE Media, a consulting company that he started two years ago to help entrepreneurs and small business owners make sense of how to automate their businesses and use sales funnels.

Marian is also the founder of Behind Closed Doors Podcast. Some of the noted individuals he has interviewed on his podcast include Billy Gene, Vince Reed, Mike Arce, Julie Stoian, Daniel Dipiazza, Mark Lack, and many more. In March this year, Marian also joined the 2 Comma Club in the funnel hacking community, with one funnel that made over one million dollar in sales. Marian is available for keynote speaking, workshops, Q & A, fireside chats, and webinars.  

Beyond a hectic professional career, Marian has been happily married of five years. Apart from marketing, he is passionate about tuned cars and story selling. He can be contacted via his website

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About Business Innovators Radio: Business Innovators Radio is a popular radio show featuring interviews with industry innovators and trendsetters sharing their proven strategies to help listeners build a better life. The show is hosted by Alicia Dibrell, best selling author.  

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