DigiVue CEO, Simon Chan, Warns Most Businesses and CEOs Not Ready For Digital Strategy and Innovation Necessary To Implement Successful Digital Transformation

Published on May 30, 2017

With Digital now major discussion for all industries, IT Pro's world-wide call for improvements. Simon Chan stands at a Digital forefront, advocating innovation to out-dated models of Digital Strategy and Technology to increase Business success.

As Senior-Level IT Leaders and Digital Consultants express their professional opinions of changes in all things Digital, the talk remains that Digital Disruption is forming problems with Digital Strategy and Technological systems, seeing Business and all industries as being ill-equipped for greater changes in Digital to come.

Concerns of how Business leaders and corporate Department teams currently cope with the vast changes in Digital that are happening, due to an ultra-modernization of an ever-changing Business and Digital landscape, the demand for heightened attention to be paid with the implementation of new Technological systems, leaves IT Professionals requiring improved corporate collaboration between all Departments for non-traditional change-management of older Business models and strategies that IT experts claim will not survive this.

Although Digital Disruption is a global issue, the focus of Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation lies with the Information Technology and Business Industries out of the United States of America, and even more worrisome for the United Kingdom.

A combination of an economically stricken post Brexit era for the UK and the new EU regulation for Information Technology, the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, places world-wide eyes onto the UK economy with the GDPR requirements that enforce new and more harsh rules of how UK Tech and Corporations are to handle data. 

Simon Chan, Information Technology Specialist, Digital Visionary and CEO of the International IT firm, DigiVue Consulting UK, sees Digital Transformation as the next phase for what he cites as business advancement for “The Third Industrial Revolution.” Chan’s observations of the trending Business and IT fears of how Digital Disruption currently affects global Business, gathers his professional opinion from 18+years of Information Technology experience and the history of Digital. As Chan articulates, the main keywords being Disruption, Agile, and Innovation, Simon Chan asserted:

“We are seeing breakthrough ideas which challenge the traditional production, management and governance paradigms. Business models are having to be re-defined as customers become more demanding and technologically savvy.

“Global CEOs and senior business executives are currently scrambling to keep pace with the developments, and the rapidly changing landscape is a source of constant surprise, even for those who are well connected and informed. The reality is that most organizations do not have the infrastructure in place to deal with this pace of change.”

Other leaders of the Information Technology and Digital Industries share similar stance on the current critical aspects that will make or break Digital Transformation initiatives. An article published to ITProPortal.com, written by Richard Agnew, speaks of some underlying problems for IT leaders, and like Simon Chan, also gave emphasis to the importance of Digital Infrastructure being integral to Digital Transformation. Agnew explained:

Indeed, 70 per cent of UK organisations recognise that Availability and continuous access to services is a vital requirement for digital transformation. However, two thirds of the senior IT leaders (66 per cent) also felt their efforts to go digital are being held back by unplanned downtime of services caused by cyber-attacks, infrastructure failures, network outages, and natural disasters.”

Business the world over is in a state of digital flux, with changes that Simon Chan states is a part of the Digital Revolution and questions if Business Leaders are ready for it. For Business and Digital, Chan says “the game has changed.”

Simon Chan has published 16 articles on Digital, History, Business and Technology.




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