Dominic Hughes is Changing the Game of Life

Published on January 16, 2020

“The limitations of your past should not have any hold on your future. Your unique personality and creative genius can be unleashed as, you can demolish the person of clay and replace that stone image with the vibrant, outstanding person you are destined to become.”

So says Dominic Hughes, who is uniquely skilled, qualified and experienced as a Life Coach, more specifically, a Transformation Specialist, operating under the brand Game Changer Life Coach. 

Dominic helps his clients tackle their deepest fears and address their greatest challenges. He enables his clients to achieve this with a speed and effectiveness, which they tend to find remarkable.  

This ability to help people find real life transformation swiftly, is something Dominic directly credits to gradually and intentionally overcoming his own series of personal challenges experienced in childhood. “Taken to a boarding school at the age of 8 and being dropped in at the deep end, I experienced rejection, isolation and a range of abuse – all within a matter of weeks.  The deepest taproot of pain, I eventually discovered, came through the initial day-one experience of abandonment.”   That takes seconds to experience, and yet can wreck the peace of your soul for decades when left unaddressed.” 

During or after a coaching session, Dominic’s clients most common immediate responses are: “I just feel so peaceful”, and “wow it’s gone” (the effect of the trauma).  Dominic tends to lead his clients swiftly to a deep personal peace of mind. Isn’t that what most of us want? Dominic may just be the very person you’ve been searching for, to approach for the transformation you need.  What with his 27-year career of providing personal welfare at a heart-and-soul level in a variety of contexts: Schools, Churches, Business arenas, and Communities, both at home and abroad, this chance to work with him may just be too valuable to pass up.

A student of the intense 7-month Life Coaching course, San Francisco’s Coaching Program 2017, Dominic’s qualifications also include a Diploma in the Pastoral Care of Students, a BA Degree in Philosophy & Religion (including Psychology) and a CELTA ESOL Certificate from International House London, along with several Tree Surgery certificates!

Dominic was born in London UK and traveled from an early age which opened his eyes to the wider world of diverse cultures, and provoked a particular interest in languages and people.  Always believing that strangers are potential friends, Dominic has sought to bring healing, delight and fascination wherever he goes.

As a child growing up playing in the wonderful parks in London, and then in the British countryside, Dominic gained a love of nature and the great outdoors.

This enduring love of the outdoors led to Dominic establishing, building, and running his own Tree Surgery and Gardening business over a 10-year period.  In caring for plants and trees, Dominic sees essential life and growth principles with people, and puts these to good use in his training and coaching. Dominic also enjoys travelling globally, and feels particularly at peace when walking on the coastline or in the hills. 

As Game Changer Life Coach, Dominic focuses on three main areas, first: ‘discovering profound personal peace by uprooting your most foundational heart or soul trauma’.  Second, ‘Dominic leads you to unearth the courage to express your most desired hopes and dreams’. Third, a powerful ‘sharpening-your-sword’ exercise provides a gateway for you to enter into a powerful future and live out your true unique life-brand.  

Dominic tailors his approach to take you on a personal dive into your heart and soul, bringing a profound level of insight and intuition to overcome deeply entrenched fears in your life.

Are you ready to take the journey with Dominic into the un-chartered territory of the awesome life you’ve hardly dared dream of, and embrace your future with excitement and confidence?   To explore this great opportunity, just get in touch on the link provided under the Game Changer Life Coach brand.


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