Don Sevcik, President and Founder of Reveals His New Book "One Second Math: Homework Help On Demand" On Business Innovators Radio

Don Sevcik, President and Founder of Reveals His New Book “One Second Math: Homework Help On Demand” On Business Innovators Radio

President and Founder of, Don Sevcik, was the featured guest on Business Innovators Radio with host Mark Imperial talking about his new book “One Second Math: Homework Help On Demand”

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, Don Sevcik, President and Founder of, discussed his new book “One Second Math: Homework Help On Demand”.

According to Sevcik, he wrote this book for 2 audiences: 1. Parents who want to learn more about how we built the website and how helps students 2. Entrepreneurs interested in learning real world applications for building a business, particularly in automating a business in ways never thought possible.

Sevcik, said “The book is split into two parts: 1. Part 1 is my story, my motivation, and the building of the business. It’s everything behind what it took over the last 9 years to build a website that solves problems automatically. The highs, the lows, and things I learned. 2. Part 2 is a math book, full of shortcuts, tips, and tricks. I made sure the math book got right to the point, fluff free.”.

When host Mark Imperial asked about the significance of the book title, ‘One Second Math’ and how he came up with it, Sevcik answered, “In the introduction of the book, I talk about the blinking of the human eye. Now when you blink, from the time it takes for your eyelids to open and shut is approximately ⅓ of one second. Now here is where it gets interesting: that is the exact time it takes on our website to run a math problem and display on the screen in front of you, the exact, step-by-step math work for a student. I rounded the time up to a full second, because people understand whole numbers, and the phrase One Second Math stuck, because it is exactly what MathCelebrity does. It solves your problems in less than one second.”.

During the Interview Sevcik shared the spark for the idea behind the website, explaining, “In 2007, I worked in a boring tech job. The book opens in one of those mundane meetings typical in a corporate setting. I grew tired of the corporate process and the lack of a meritocracy. In the book, I call it “chasing the carrot” where a boss dangles a carrot in front of you as your raise. You chase and chase, but you never quite get there. The marker is always moved, just out of your reach. Anyway, to branch out and earn more money, I started math tutoring on the side. 1 client grew into 2, 2 grew into 4, and it expanded from there. I ran out of hours in the day to serve anybody else. I did not want to give it up, but I also couldn’t abandon my day job at the time. This part of the book explains how I turned frustration into motivation. I think this part of the book will resonate well with a target audience. This audience contains anybody who works a corporate job and they find themselves frustrated with the review process. At the same time, this person dreams of starting their own business where they are rewarded based on merit. I call it the alternate universe. And in this universe, you are free from corporate politics and silly annual reviews. The money you earn is yours, and you are limitless in how much you can earn.”.

Don Sevcik is the President and Founder of and Author of the new book “One Second Math: Homework Help On Demand”.

The interview concluded with Sevcik saying to aspiring Entrepreneurs “Manage your time, find what works, and do more of it. Find what doesn’t work, and if it can’t be improved or does not show a return on investment, don’t beat yourself up. Discard it and move on. One of the hardest things to correct in human nature is admitting you are wrong. This is step 1. Step 2 is focus on what grows your business.”

Mr. Sevcik offers buyers of the book half off his premium monthly membership for the math tutoring quiz generators, practice problem generators, or flashcards. For Entrepreneurs, on offer is a free consultation to anybody interested in learning more about his coaching group for math tutoring and coaching group for entrepreneurs.

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