Dr. Allen A. Ghorashi Selected to be Featured in an Upcoming Book about Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Allen A. Ghorashi Selected to be Featured in an Upcoming Book about Cosmetic Dentistry

Blue Ocean Publishing Group has selected Dr. Allen A. Ghorashi, DDS., of Ramsey, New Jersey’s Valley Dental Group, as one of the co-authors of the upcoming book, “A Reason to Smile.” The book is slated to include contributions from several leaders in the field of dentistry, who will be offering their combined expertise in specialties including gum treatments, sedation, and other common and uncommon procedures.

“A Reason to Smile – Fixing Broken Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry”, scheduled for a late spring 2017 release, aims to help patients who want to learn more about their treatment options in dental care. Anna Foster, Purchasing Agent for Blue Ocean Publishing Group, emphasizes the book’s main role as a guide. “The experts we select are passionate about helping their patients,” she said. “They will answer key questions about restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and get rid of myths and misconceptions that people may have about dentists and dentistry.”

The book is being written specifically for patients, and should be approachable reading content for anyone to enjoy at their leisure – it’s not a medical textbook on dentistry. “A Reason to Smile” is featuring certified dentists from across the United States, so readers can rest assured regarding the quality and reliability of this collection of articles.

Working in collaboration with Barak Granot of DentoMetrix, a dental marketing agency, Blue Ocean Publishing Group has searched out leading dental experts in various specialties. Dr. Ghorashi is one of the latest dental expert chosen to take part in the project. His expertise in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry is a great asset to this publication.

Dr. Ghorashi says that, “This book will give patients valuable information about state of the art cosmetic dentistry.   I think it’s very important to give people the knowledge they need to make informed choices about dental treatment options.  There have been many technological innovations in the field of dentistry, and people may not be aware of some of the options available to them.”

In “A Reason to Smile,” Dr. Ghorashi will be writing on the overall importance in people’s lives of having a great smile. The chapter he is contributing is the first in the book, and provides a comprehensive overview of cosmetic dentistry, covering topics such as the positive effects that expert dental treatment can have in a patient’s life – increased confidence and self-esteem, improved overall health, and looking younger and more attractive. He will also discuss in depth the subject of dental implants, his field of specialty.

Dr. Ghorashi provides comprehensive dental care at Velley Dental Group, including dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments. He is known for practicing “gentle dentistry”. Dr. Ghorashi studied dentistry at Northwestern University. His passion for the practice of dentistry has led him to continue taking courses throughout his long, illustrious career, and in 2013 he became a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, a worldwide dental implant organization, and in 2016 he became an Associate Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, considered “the leading organization in implant dentistry since 1951”.

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