Dr. Brent Ungar is Featured in Business Innovators Magazine

Dr. Brent Ungar provides an expert interview for Business Innovators magazine.

Dr. Brent Ungar, owner of Belden Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center in Canton, Ohio has been featured in Business Innovators magazine.  Dr. Ungar was interviewed due to his extensive knowledge of cold laser therapy, a physical therapy modality that uses light to reduce pain and heal tissues.

With gaining popularity in the rehabilitation community, cold lasers, also called low level lasers, are being used to assist and speed up the healing process in patients worldwide.  These lasers use specific wavelengths of light and work at the cellular level to promote healing.  Unlike heat-producing higher power lasers used for surgery, these lasers produce little to no heat and Dr. Ungar indicates that they are quite safe.

Dr. Ungar spoke about the uses of cold laser therapy for patient treatment.  He stated, “It is beneficial for many people, predominantly people who are suffering from pain in their muscles or joints, people who have an acute or chronic problem with their neck or low back, and for people who have arthritic knees, tendonitis, or even carpal tunnel syndrome.”

One of the unique benefits of cold lasers is that they also can be used directly over metal implants, such as knee replacements or shoulder replacements.  Due to the fact that this therapy produces little to no heat, this therapy can be used over metal, unlike other therapy modalities.

Finding a qualified provider is important when receiving cold laser therapy.  It is important that the health provider is properly trained in the use of cold lasers.  In addition, the patient should have an initial evaluation to determine if this type of therapy would be beneficial for them.

Dr. Ungar has not only treated many patients with cold laser therapy, but has also lectured extensively around the world on the subject matter.  He has spoken at numerous colleges and organizations, and recently lectured at the Anglo European Chiropractic College in the United Kingdom.

To learn more about Dr. Ungar and cold laser therapy, can visit his website at www.mycantonchiropractor.com

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