Dr. D. Max Fellars Helps Dentists and Orthodontists Grow Their Invisalign® Business

Published on September 3, 2014

Dentist and Invisalign® marketing specialist, Dr. D. Max Fellars was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show, where he discussed his strategies for helping dentists and orthodontists grow their Invisalign braces businesses.

D. Max Fellars, DDS, a dentist and marketing specialist for dental practices which offer Invisalign braces, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. They discussed the marketing strategies which Dr. Fellars uses to help other dentists and orthodontists attract more Invisalign patients.

Dr. Fellars, himself, initially struggled with how to market his Invisalign braces services and became quite successful at it. Having learned how to do it for himself, he channeled his efforts to helping other doctors grow their practices as well.

Invisalign clear braces are an alternative to the traditional metal braces which young and old alike struggled to hide from others. They have become very popular, especially with adults, and, as a result, many dentists and orthodontists offer them to their patients. Since so many dental professionals offer them to the public, it has become harder to stand out from the crowded and very competitive Invisalign platform.

According to Dr. Fellars, “A big mistake and problem that’s happening with marketing right now is that, unfortunately, doctors feel that the only way they have to compete in the marketplace is to offer a lower price. And I’m seeing more and more advertising online just based on price, which ultimately leads to a poor position to be in. People can choose you by price, but they can also leave you by price as well.”

He goes on to state, “We really help develop a system so that our doctors can overcome that problem and really don’t need to get into that competition, that bidding war online. And they give patients a different reason to choose them. And really, we help establish them as the doctor to go to.”

Dr. Fellars found that it helps when dentists and orthodontists who offer these types of braces answer the questions that people typically have when they are considering getting Invisalign braces. As the dentists, themselves, address these issues, potential patients come to know them and trust them before they even come in for a consultation. In fact, Dr. Fellars finds that when using his marketing strategies, by the time someone calls for an appointment, that person has already decided to use that specific dentist’s services before even meeting him or her in person.

Another source of patients which is often neglected by doctors is referrals. Dr. Fellars addresses this issue with his clients. He feels strongly that a patient who is referred is the ideal patient and this area can be an untapped gold mine for the doctors.

The success that Dr. Fellars’ clients are having with his strategies is a testament to the importance for learning more about his services and using them.

You can hear the full interview at: http://influencersradio.com/dr-d-max-fellars-brings-a-smile-to-dentists-and-orthodontists-with-his-invisalign-marketing-strategies/

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