Dr. Daleen Smal Hits Top of Amazon Best Seller List With The Art of Money: How to Win the Wealth Game

Published on November 1, 2016

Dr. Daleen Smal has released The Art of Money: How To Win the Wealth Game to Great Acclaim. The book has hit the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list for Wealth Management, and Retirement Planning.

For those who are overburdened and struggling under the weight of debt or who want to take control of their finances and dedicate more quality time with family, managing money is critical.  Dr. Daleen Smal, an entrepreneur and financial coach, is helping these individuals say goodbye to any fears and stresses that revolve around finances and learn how to win at financial management with The Art of Money:  How to Win the Wealth Game.

The book is designed to help readers learn how to manage money and master strategies to increase overall wealth through passive income streams or by starting a business.  Dr. Daleen Smal answers questions and shows what is needed in order to get out of debt, become financially free, stop financial worries, and finally live the life of dreams.

Dr. Smal’s informative and illuminating book, The Art of Money:  How to Win the Wealth Game, will assist readers in growing their personal wealth through proven successful means.  According to Dr. Smal, “The Art of Money demystifies why some individuals and businesses grow their wealth rapidly while others are in a never-ending financial struggle. If you want to learn about the root cause of success in life and business, read this book!” 

Dr. Daleen Smal has worked as an economist and central banker in the South African Reserve Bank where she was involved with monetary policy formulation.  With a proven track record of success, she spearheaded the research and modelling teams, gave sound advice to decision makers, and played a highly respected role in the economic reality of a nation.  She also authored several policy papers and travelled the world to participate in policy workshops and seminars.  After her lucrative banking career, she founded several successful businesses.

With her positive and mentoring spirit, DR. Smal always offers encouragement and guidance to those around her.  She has an unshakable commitment to those who want to empower themselves, especially towards those who may not have had many opportunities to develop entrepreneurial dreams.

She developed the Grow-Your-Own-Economy Solution™ in order to help others win the wealth game.  By combining her understanding and knowledge of business, she is now sharing her wisdom in her new book  The Art of Money:  How to Win the Wealth Game, available at www.WinTheWealthGame.com.  For additional information on this award winning Best Selling book: Winning the Wealth Game, visit the author’s website.

About the Author:  Dr. Daleen Smal is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and founder of Win the Wealth Game.  She hails from South Africa and has attended summits by world-renowned speakers and business owners such as Sir Richard Branson, JT Foxx, Roger Hamilton, Andy Harrington, Michelle Mone MBE, George Ross, Brian Tracy, and Steve Wozniak.

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