Dr. David Kashmer, Surgeon and Health Care Quality Strategist, Explains How Statistical Process Control Is Improving Health Care

Published on January 19, 2015

Surgeon and Health Care Quality Strategist, Dr. David Kashmer, was featured in the January issue of Business Innovators Magazine where he explains how statistical process control techniques are improving the quality of health care delivery.

Brockton, MA – Dr. David Kashmer, MD, MBA, is a Surgeon and Health Care Quality Strategist. His feature interview in Business Innovators Magazine summarized how he is innovating quality improvements in health care through the use of statistical process control methodologies.

While there have been large medical advances over the past several decades that have had positive effects on life expectancy and quality of life, the technology of medical care is growing increasingly complex. In his interview, Kashmer described how the use of process control methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, that have commonly been deployed in manufacturing industries, are now reducing errors in medical care and improving patient experiences.

An Institute of Medicine report, “To Err Is Human”, is more than a decade old, and describes that between 40,000 to 100,000 deaths occur due to medical errors in the Untied States each year. Kashmer explained that along with the advances that have improved patient outcomes, there is a large opportunity to get the proper result regularly for each patient, each time.

Kashmer said, “When properly applied, the statistical process control methods are very useful and work well. Once you’re educated in the tools as a physician, it gives you a completely different, valuable perspective that helps organizations and teams reduce errors and achieve great results for patients. Things that medical centers couldn’t do before, they suddenly are proud to do and can do reliably.”

Kashmer further explained the positive relationship of quality to the bottom line in any industry, including health care. CEO’s and health care administrators are now realizing that the high quality route is the most effective and lowest cost route. With higher quality there are not as many mistakes to be corrected and better care is provided for patients.

Dr. Kashmer is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and he holds a Master Black Belt Certification in Lean/Six Sigma. In addition to his medical training he also has an MBA from George Washington University. Kashmer is editor of and contributes to the “Surgical Business Model Innovation” blog where the focus is on quality improvement and innovation in surgery and health care.

To learn more about Dr. David Kashmer and the use of statistical process control in health care visit http://www.surgicalbusinessmodelinnovation.com.

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