Dr. Helen Hu San Diego MD and Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Announces Release of Comprehensive Books on Chinese Food Therapy

Published on March 21, 2016

Dr. Hu has been studying and practicing both western and Chinese medicine for the past 30 years. Dr. Hu wrote her first book, Body Without Mystique, in 2011. She has just published two comprehensive books, Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Healing (Vol. I) and Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Heading (Vol. II) Beauty and Longevity.

Food as Medicine, the centuries old Chinese food therapy prescription for Healing, Well-being and Longevity is revealed in two books, Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Healing (Vol. I) and Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Heading (Vol. II) Beauty and Longevity.

Food and traditional medicine (herbs) come from the same source. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy is prescribed to heal sickness, restore the body to its maximum well being and optimize longevity. This effective therapy has played an important role for ordinary folks throughout Chinese history and culture for centuries.

Dr. Helen Hu has studied medicine, science and biochemistry throughout her life. She holds a Medical Degree, Oriental Medical Degree and is a licensed practicing acupuncturist in San Diego. As a TCM practitioner and author of “Body Without Mystique”, Dr. Helen Hu has compiled and revealed hundreds of Traditional Chinese Food therapy prescriptions in her new book: “Chinese Food Therapy R x for Self Healing  (Volume I )”.  These natural recipes are then clearly organized and paired to systemic disorders utilizing the integration of both Western and Eastern diagnostic approaches.  “Chinese Food Therapy RX for Longevity and Beauty (Volume II)” not only provides hundreds of natural recipes to promote well being and beauty but is the collection of thousands of years of wisdom relating to the core questions of how to best achieve well being and longevity.

Chris Medvigy retired United Stated State Department Official remarked, “Definitely one of most comprehensive and landmark frontier publication in the West, an original blockbuster and a definitive ‘How to book’, beautifully illustrated photography.”

Graphic designer Lilian Barnes says, “This book will coach and teach the public practical self healing and well being methods. It is a stand out work for the medical professional field as well”

Jamie Reno, Award winning journalist, author and cancer patient advocate is quoted:“Dr. Helen Hu is a true healer and a gifted writer whose remarkable new books, ‘Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Healing (Volume I)’, and ‘Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Longevity and Beauty (Volume II)’, provides hundreds of recipes to promote well-being and beauty based on thousands of years of wisdom.

“These books are unquestionably the most comprehensive and pioneering works I’ve ever read in terms of educating the public about natural healing with food, and coaching people to achieve the ultimate goal of longevity and a healthy mind, body and spirit. Yes, folks, listen to Dr. Hu.

“Food really can save your life, and it can even fight and prevent cancer.”

The book Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Healing (Vol. I) can be purchased in the form of individual chapters which address only one set of medical problems.  They are complete and will stand alone as a book in themselves.

Dr. Hu makes available, from her website, two “Introductions” about the books which are downloadable and are at no cost.

You can purchase the books from Apple iTunes, Google Play Books and on Dr. Hu’s website:  www.bodywithoutmystique.com  

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