Dr. Jim Eggleston Selected to Author an Upcoming Cosmetic Dentistry Book

Dr. Jim Eggleston Selected to Author an Upcoming Cosmetic Dentistry Book

Dr. Jim Eggleston, of Eggleston Dental Care, is the latest in an expert lineup of dentists picked to author “The Million Dollar Smile: Changing Lives with Cosmetic Dentistry”, a book filled with information on the latest techniques available in cosmetic, as well as restorative, dentistry.

Slated for release in early 2018, “The Million Dollar Smile” will offer a host of chapters on various dental specialties written by the most skilled and knowledgeable dentists in the country. Anna Foster, a purchasing agent for Blue Ocean Publishing Group, has revealed that the primary motivation behind this book is to offer current and potential patients tips, facts, and suggestions on receiving the best cosmetic and restorative dental care.

“We’ve put together the best of the best. These dental professionals are preeminent doctors in their respective fields and have the answers people are looking for,” Foster says. The contributors to this book are, in fact, stars in their respective topics and have the most up-to-date and ground-breaking knowledge and training in the techniques being used in modern dentistry.

“The Million Dollar Smile” will include chapters on nearly every aspect of dentistry, in simple and direct language the experts use to provide readers with reliable and understandable information on dental services. Working together with Barak Granot of dental marketing agency, DentoMetrix, Blue Ocean Publishing Group has compiled an impressive team of dentist authors to offer their expertise in various fields, including orthodontics, implants, veneers, and more.

Dr. Eggleston‘s chapter focuses on his expertise in the field of dental implants and the critical role they can play in a patient’s care, not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of their overall oral health.

Dr. Eggleston is the founder and lead practitioner at Eggleston Dental Care, located in Turlock, California. His office strives to remain on top of the latest in dental care techniques, and specifically in cosmetic dental procedures and the best surgical techniques to place and restore implants. Eggleston says, “My patients’ wants and needs come first. I want them to understand the best options available to them and then provide whatever treatment they choose. I’m happy to answer any and all questions so that they’re able to make the very best choices for their oral health. My goal is to give my patients a winning smile in the most comfortable and safest way possible.”

Dr. Eggleston and his entire team continually pursue every opportunity to gain new information on the latest procedures and techniques. His extensive knowledge and skills enable Dr. Eggleston to provide training to other dental practitioners throughout the country. Dr. Eggleston has trained over 1,000 dentists across the nation, delivering courses in most major cities in the US, to surgically place implants and to restore them with beautiful smiles.

“At the end of the day, I want every patient to get the best possible care,” said Dr. Egglestone, “It’s all about the patient and offering the best possible care. I want them to be able to smile confidently. That’s the real payoff.”

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