Dr. Joe Puentes Opens The Performance Psychology Center And Offers In-Person And Online Sport Psychology Services To Individuals, Groups And Athletic Departments.

Published on August 7, 2019

Dr. Joe Puentes, Clinical and Sport Psychologist, has opened the Performance Psychology Center (PPC) in Santa Rosa, CA. The PPC offers sports psychology therapy, training and education services for athletes, coaches and professionals.

The Performance Psychology Center offers in-person and online services to individuals, groups and athletic departments. The PPC specializes in providing tele-mental health (online video and phone meetings), increasing access to services for athletes and professionals. PPC services include individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, mental skills training, mental health screenings, educational workshops and consultation with Sports Medicine staff and administrators. The PPC teaches the “Champion’s Mindset” as a framework for going beyond mental toughness toward being mentally trained. In training meetings or in combination with therapy, clients learn to use skills such as breathing, self-talk, and imagery to improve focus, confidence and getting into the zone to perform when it matters most.

“I’ve been working professionally with athletes for 10+ years. I consider it an incredible honor to work with my clients at dynamic and important times in their lives. I am a former college athlete, and as I often tell people, I would do about anything to go back in time and know what I know now and be able to apply it back then. I would have 1) performed better, 2) saved myself a lot of suffering and 3) ultimately had more fun competing. Now that’s my passion, to share the knowledge and expertise from the field of Sport Psychology and my work with athletes over a decade so that they can benefit in their life and sport. My commitment is to athlete well-being first and foremost and my experience proves that peak performance flows from there.” – Dr. Joe Puentes, Clinical and Sport Psychologist, Owner of the Performance Psychology Center.

Clients at the Performance Psychology Center will benefit from meeting with licensed clinicians who understand current and former athletes because they come from athletic backgrounds, were trained in athletic settings and have expertise in Sport and Performance Psychology. Further, accessing Sport Psychology services through the tele-health platform (online video meetings) makes meeting with a trained professional easier and more time-efficient. Clients save time by eliminating commuting and utilizing a more flexible schedule. Additionally, tele-health meetings through the PPC are confidential, secure and HIPPA compliant.

“Dr. Joe Puentes and the Performance Psychology Center (PPC) offer multi-dimensional levels of support for athletes and intercollegiate athletics departments. Working with individual student-athletes, teams, coaching staffs, sports medicine staffs or departments as a whole, PPC focuses on student-athlete wellness and improvement. PPC has the clinical knowledge as well as student-athlete experience behind them to ensure your student-athletes, coaches and staff have the best professional guidance when it comes to mental health and performance improvement.” -Bill Fusco, Former Director of Athletics at Sonoma State University, University of San Francisco and Dominican University.

For athletes at all levels and their caretakers (i.e. coaches, Sports Medicine staff, parents and administrators) the Performance Psychology Center aims to be a valuable resource for mental health and peak performance. Offering therapy, training, and education through in-person and online video meetings give the additional benefit of making it more accessible to meet with licensed therapists with expertise in Sport Psychology.  If you or someone you know would benefit from connecting with the PPC, contact them at info (at) performancepsychologycenter (dot) com or at (707)596-8289. More information & resources can be found by visiting https://www.performancepsychologycenter.com.

Joe Puentes, Psy.D. earned his Doctorate of Psychology in 2011 in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of La Verne (APA Accredited). He completed his pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Notre Dame (APA Accredited) where he specialized in providing Alcohol and Drug treatment as well as Sport Psychology services to students and student athletes. Dr. Joe is a member of the Redwood Psychology Association, the California Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Collegiate Clinical Sport Psychology Association.

Location Info:
Performance Psychology Center
2455 Bennett Valley Rd suite b 208, Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 596-8280

Company Name: Performance Psychology Center
Contact Person: Joe Puentes, Psy.D.
Email: info@performancepsychologycenter.com
Phone: (707) 596-8280
Country: United States
Website: https://www.performancepsychologycenter.com