Dr. John Silva, D.C., Announces Grand Opening of Clear Mind Center of Florida

Published on May 16, 2016

Finally, there is an all natural solution for residents of the Treasure Coast who want relief from anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, sleep disorders, and autism without using dangerous drugs or therapies that have negative side effects. Neurofeedback center now offering special first-time customer EEG brain mapping to assist patients with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more.

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA, MAY 16, 2016 – Dr. John Silva, D.C., and his team are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Clear Mind Center of Florida, a leading-edge neurofeedback center offering services to correct irregular brainwaves and provide relief from a variety of diseases and their symptoms.

Dr. Silva has been in clinical practice for 15+ years and offers vast experience working with patients of all ages to deliver relief from neurological conditions, spinal disorders, arthritis, and more. His neurofeedback services include EEG brain mapping and training, which can provide improvement for anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, sleep disorders, autism, and more.

“Neurofeedback isn’t new,” said Dr. Silva. “It’s been around since the 1960s. There are decades of research and case studies that document its effectiveness in improving brain health. Advances in computer technology have made it possible for doctors to easily administer neurofeedback in their clinic.”

Patients at Clear Mind Center of Florida are greeted by the clinic’s friendly, professional staff and warm atmosphere.

Currently, Dr. Silva and Clear Mind Center of Florida are offering a special grand opening discount. When patients schedule an EEG brain mapping session now, they can receive their service for $90. The service is usually priced at $395,

“Many patients come to me after seeing their primary care physician, who only offered drugs for their symptoms. But drugs do not work very well on neurological problems… Once I show a patient their brain map, and they can visually see just what is wrong, they become very excited about the possibilities for permanent relief,” said Dr. Silva.

Dr. Silva and his team are excited about the opportunity to serve Treasure Coast residents with safe, non-invasive neurofeedback services.

Patients can schedule by calling Clear Mind Center of Florida at 772-429-8800 or by visiting the clinic’s website at http://www.treasurecoastneurofeedback.com.

 About Dr. John Silva, D.C.

Dr. John Silva, D.C., has 15+ years of experience in providing patients of all ages with relief from varying musculoskeletal problems, including neurological conditions, spinal problems, and arthritis, while offering specialty neurofeedback services.

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