Dr. Ray Drury, Charlotte Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Reveals Health Care Secret in Business Innovators Magazine

Published on September 25, 2014

Upper Cervical Chiropractor and author, Dr. Ray Drury, was featured in the September Issue of Business Innovators Magazine where he explains the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care.

Charlotte, NC – Dr. Ray Drury has recently written the book, “The Best Kept Secret in Health Care, No Drugs or Surgery Required”, published by Two Harbors Press.  His feature interview in Business Innovators Magazine summarized key points made in his book about the benefits of upper cervical care.  He has been practicing and teaching upper cervical chiropractic care for over twenty years.

With only 1200 doctors worldwide practicing upper cervical care, this specific form of chiropractic treatment is not widely known. Dr. Drury’s interview covered the differences between upper cervical and general chiropractic treatment as well as the contrasts with traditional medical practice.

Dr. Drury explained that upper cervical and general chiropractic care share a mutual history. They are both based on whether or not the bones in the spine are properly aligned to allow the messages from the brain to reach the body efficiently to maintain health.  General chiropractic treatment corrects misalignment in the full spine, while upper cervical practice focuses on the upper spine area.

Dr. Drury said, “Upper cervical chiropractors are trained to find and correct misalignment in the upper cervical spine, the top two bones, the atlas and the axis.  Misalignment in this area tends to constrain the flow of messages from the brain through the nervous system to all of the parts of the body.  When this misalignment is corrected, the nervous system is allowed to flow unimpeded from the brain to the rest of the body, which in turn, allows the body to heal itself.”

He further explained that the absolute worst outcome from upper cervical care is to have no change, which is very rare.  Most of the time patients notice large improvement, and sometimes it is immediate.  Dr. Drury treats without drugs and surgery and he reports his patients don’t experience any negative side effects.

To learn more about upper cervical care visit http://www.DrRayDrury.com.

“The Best Kept Secret in Health Care, No Drugs or Surgery Required” is available at the Amazon bookstore at http://www.amazon.com/Best-Kept-Secret-Health-Care-Surgeries/dp/1626523487/.

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