Dr. Simon Mills Reaches #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List with The Great Catsbe

Published on May 13, 2016

The Great CatsBe featuring Dr. Simon Mills hits #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller and International Bestseller Lists.

Business entrepreneur and author Dr. Simon Mills has just launched his book, “The Great CatsBe”, which quickly reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller list.  A children’s book focused on rhyme and verse as well as wonder and adventure, Dr. Mills calls on his years of creative and independent living to create a whimsical world intriguing to children and adults alike.

“The Great CatsBe” is a tale of mystery based around an underground world of cats that shrouds itself in clever word patterns and rhyme schemes. With an ability to reach all ages, but in a unique way, this book is a great escape for both young and old into a magical world that really calls for the expansion of the mind while at the same time satisfying all the senses.

Founder of the London Music Group (“LMG”) and receiver of the world’s best jingle award, Dr. Mills’ creative side is allowed to be let loose in this intriguing fairy tale centered on our furry friends with paws.   Dr. Mills is a professional technology entrepreneur, engineer and real estate development financier. He is also still an owner of LMG digitalMedia which has attracted clients as significant as Hyatt, AIG, BBDO, CBS, Starbucks, Pepsi, The Economist and many more, it is the culmination of these types of unparalleled personal and professional experiences that give Dr. Mills’ writing work that special flare that has caught the attention of so many.

“Dr. Mills stated, “I so dearly love to write and this year’s decision to focus on children’s books appeases my inner child. (Who sometimes becomes an outer child too). My books are all written in verse which leverages a lifetime of song and jingle writing so I am thrilled these things I love are coming together in the new works and delighted that people are enjoying them.”

The book, which was published in March 2016, is a wonderful journey to a secret place which conjures such questions as: “Is there more to life than what we see on the surface? Can the way words are put together have more of an impact on interest and internalization? Do animals help draw out the creativity of children?”  “The Great CatsBe” is a compelling read that reaches out to all aspects of life.  Dr. Mills knows the world is filled with many ups and downs and this book captures the roller coaster we call life.

Dr. Mills’s book, The Great CatsBe, reached #1 International Bestseller on Amazon’s bestseller lists in the US, Canada and the UK. The Great CatsBe appeared on the bestseller list side by side with books like Harry Potter and even passed legendary authors like Dr Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat”.

About Dr. Simon Mills:

Dr. Simon Mills is a seasoned, versatile and passionate writer.  In addition to being a best selling author Dr. Mills is a talented and successful entrepreneur with over thirty years of business experience.  Born in Perth Western Australia in 1967 he studied at the Conservatorium of Music in New South Wales and went on to become a piano tuner/restorer.  His work in music eventually lead to touring with many successful rock bands, co-hosting a radio show called Friday Live and running the number one commercial music production house in the country.  In 2005, with several successful startups already under his belt, Dr. Mills moved from Australia to New York City with his wife and three children.

As a writer, Dr. Mills’ current focus is on children’s books mostly because he remains very much in touch with his inner child. 


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