Dr. Stephen Lewis from Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas, Interviewed About the Thyroid and Why Lab Work is Critical

Published on May 24, 2016

Business Innovators Radio covers stories from the most innovative leaders in business such as Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos and Dave Ramsey. The interview with Dr. Stephen Lewis was published on May 19, 2016.

In this powerful interview, listeners will learn the importance of getting lab work done to determine the most appropriate nutritional products for optimal health.

Dr. Stephen Lewis heads up Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas. Located in Longview, Texas, Doctor’s Nutrition offers medical lab services without the need for expensive office visits and long waits. Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas allows patients to monitor their health status and check their cholesterol, thyroid function, liver function and more at any time and for a reasonable cost.

Patients also receive a free consultation that explains the results, a copy of all lab work, and recommendations for specific nutritional needs they may have. Doctor’s Nutrition of Texas’ main goal is to help patients pinpoint the root cause for common health problems — and help them on their journey to feeling better by using customized supplements.

In this interview, Dr. Lewis focuses on the importance in lab work to figure out health problems, instead of people simply guessing about what’s ailing them. He explains, “Lab work takes a lot of the guesswork out, takes a lot of the time out and for the most part makes it easier and more quick to fix the problem.”

Dr. Lewis’ lab work can help diagnose many ailments, such as ADD, bone and joint health, digestion, stress, anxiety, thyroid, weight loss and much more. Once a patient’s lab work results are back, Dr. Lewis recommends certain nutrients and supplements that can help them regain optimal health.

Learn More: www.NaturalThyroidSpecialist.com

Listeners are sure to learn vital information to help them in their health.
The interview with Dr. Stephen Lewis is available on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart Radio and Business Innovators Radio Show.

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