Dr. Yasser Sadek, Pediatric Dentistry Expert, to Co-Author Upcoming Dentistry Book

Published on April 25, 2017

Dr. Yasser Sadek, DDS, of Palmdale Children’s Dental in Palmdale, California, has been chosen as one of the co-authors for Blue Ocean Publishing Group’s “A Reason to Smile – Fixing Broken Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry.”

Anna Foster, Blue Ocean’s purchasing agent, indicates that “A Reason to Smile” is targeted at patients trying to learn more about dental care treatment options available to them. Foster notes that “A Reason to Smile” is designed to be a guide for patients. “We’ve chosen the most passionate and knowledgeable experts for this book,” Foster says, adding,” We offer answers to basic and complex questions about cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures, and clear up a lot of myths or misunderstandings that patients have about cosmetic dentistry.”

“A Reason to Smile” will feature contributions from certified dentists from various cities in the United States. Each contributing author is an expert in one area or another of dental treatment, which means readers can take comfort in the accuracy, quality, and reliability of the information contained in the book.

Blue Ocean Publishing Group, working collectively with Barak Granot of DentoMetrix, a well-renowned dental marketing agency, has done extensive background work in finding the nation’s leading experts in various dental specialties. Dr. Yasser Sadek, recently added to the list of experts assembled for this book project, specializes in pediatric dentistry, focusing on the importance of developing dental care routines early and creating a bond of trust between children and their dentists.

“Taking good care of your teeth is vital to the overall health and wellness of your body.  It’s important to start a good dental hygiene regimen early in life and one of the best ways to make that happen is to establish a good relationship with a dentist as a child,” says Dr. Sadek.  “The whole idea is never to force a treatment on a child, but to get the child’s permission to fix his teeth.”

Dr. Sadek’s chapter in “A Reason to Smile” will be focused on key aspects of pediatric dentistry and his expertise in building relationships of trust with his young clients.

Dr. Sadek provides a full range of dental care services for children at Palmdale Children’s Dental in Palmdale, California. This includes general cleanings, fluoride treatments, and x-rays for children from ages six months to teen years. Educated at the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Sadek has been practicing for more than two decades and prides himself on his ability to connect with children and provide them with the best and friendliest dental care possible.

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