Drew Hunthausen Selected as a Featured Speaker at The University of Notre Dame

Published on December 14, 2017

Notre Dame, Indiana, Drew Hunthausen was a featured speaker at the prestigious University of Notre Dame on July 31st, 2017. with the Speak Like a Champion tour hosted by T. Allen Hanes.

Drew Hunthausen one of 15 hand-picked top business leaders and speakers from around the country each sharing their unique vision was the next stop on 2017 Speak Like a Champion Speaking Tour and Business Event Experience at the prestigious University of Notre Dame held July 30th VIP night, July 31-Aug 2.

After the hugely successful Speak Like a Champion event at NASA Houston – Johnson Space Center, last January, the tour is picking up momentum and this promises to be another epic business learning and networking experience. 

“From the first day, I was amazed by the depth of knowledge of each speaker. The education I received was the best investment I have made in 2017. I not only learned so much, but I met great people and had a ton of fun.” Dave Gould – CEO – Essential Wisdom LLC

The Notre Dame event is being headlined by VIP Keynote, legendary Napoleon Hill Foundation featured speaker, author, and businessman,  Jim Connelly.

In February of 1998, Drew Hunthausen lay unresponsive in a 3-month coma, the result of bacterial meningitis. At one point early on, the doctors told Drew’s parents he would likely die or be a vegetable on a feeding tube for the rest of his life. Things were not looking good.

Miraculously Drew did wake up, but he now found himself blind, hearing impaired, and unable to even sit up on his own. Along the way, he also endured multiple spinal and abdominal surgeries. He spent a total of 4.5 months in the hospital and then had to endure 7 years of physical therapy just to get to a fraction of where he is today.

The challenges in recovery have been many, but, Drew has met them head-on. Even though he missed half of the 6th grade, and now had to learn Braille, he worked hard to keep up with the 7th-grade curriculum. Drew’s focus, dedication, and hard work allowed him to stay with his class all the way through high school.

Drew could no longer play baseball and golf, and a turning point in his recovery was being invited to join the swim team in high school. His legs were still weak, he wasn’t necessarily fast and didn’t win a race, but he was part of a team again, and participating in a sport he could still do!

Drew ultimately graduated from California State University Long Beach in 2012 with a degree in Sociology, and has become an awarded triathlete, blind snow skier, ocean swimmer, inspirational and motivational speaker, and an International best-selling author (Voyage To Your Vision).

He delivers a message of hope and encouragement and that anything is possible! Drew tells us in no uncertain terms that we will never begin to reach our full potential in life until we choose to embrace the hand we’re dealt. You will no doubt walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning for life after hearing Drew share his remarkable story and message of attitude, gratitude, and no excuses!

To find out more about Drew go here

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