Durrie Vision Research to Merge with Hoopes – Rivera Clinical Research Center

Published on May 7, 2015

In a joint venture that brings together two of the nation’s leading ophthalmic research facilities, Durrie Vision Research in Overland Park, Kansas, has announced plans to merge with Hoopes - Rivera Clinical Research Center in Draper, Utah.

Durrie Vision Research in Overland Park, Kansas announced plans to merge with Hoopes – Rivera Clinical Research Center in Draper, Utah. The joint venture brings together two of the nation’s leading ophthalmic research facilities to provide expanded insight and development in the field of refractive surgery. The newly formed entity will be headquartered at Hoopes Vision in Utah, conducting research there as well as at Durrie Vision in Kansas. With this merger, Durrie Vision and Hoopes Vision expect an increasing number of and access to national clinical trials and other cutting-edge technologies and diagnostics resulting from the research.

Led by Dr. Daniel Durrie, Durrie Vision Research has provided over two decades of industry-advancing research and innovation. Dr. Durrie will serve as Director of Development for the new center, overseeing recruitment of new studies and supervising ongoing clinical trials. He will also continue to oversee his clinical practice and perform surgery at Durrie Vision in Overland Park. “Dr. Hoopes Sr. and I were partners together in Kansas City before he relocated to Utah. This is an amazing opportunity for us to bring our facilities together to share and grow our knowledge and experience over the years,” Dr. Durrie said.

Drs. Phillip C. Hoopes, Sr., Phillip C. Hoopes, Jr., Michael Bradley, and the late Robert P. Rivera, have established one of the largest eye surgery practices in the country and their clinical research center has attracted a number of prestigious trials and studies. Hoopes – Rivera Clinical Research Center is housed in their new building in Draper, Utah, which has the space and resources to support the anticipated expansion of studies, required equipment, and personnel. “We are so excited to merge and be part of what will be one of the largest and most productive ophthalmic research centers in the country,” said Dr. Hoopes, Jr. “We are looking forward to growing and expanding what our late partner, Robert P. Rivera, MD, began here at Hoopes Vision.”

The new research center will focus on refractive surgery research and education on Dysfunctional Lens Syndrome (DLS), where aging changes in the crystalline lens lead to presbyopia and cataract formation. “This is an exciting new area to explore further treatment options and provide patients with their best vision for a lifetime,” explained Dr. Durrie.

About Durrie Vision

Durrie Vision, in Overland Park, Kansas, is a world-class refractive surgery center and research department located in the heart of America. At Durrie Vision, the focus is on providing exceptional outcomes within a world-class patient experience. Laser vision correction options, such as advanced LASIK and refractive lens procedures, have helped thousands of people enjoy better vision. Durrie Vision is committed to excellence because the world turns to them for answers, and their patients turn to them for the best quality of care and technology available. Refractive surgeons – Dr. Daniel S. Durrie, Dr. Jason E. Stahl, and Dr. Timothy P. Lindquist – are among the most experienced refractive surgeons in the country with international reputations as innovators and leaders in the field. 
More information is available at DurrieVision.com.

About Hoopes Vision

Hoopes Vision was started in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2000, with a focus on refractive and cataract surgery. HV early on distinguished itself by always obtaining and using the newest and safest technologies for their patients. Their commitment to innovation is reflected in the Hoopes – Rivera Clinical Research Center that is dedicated to clinical studies. Having a very high surgical volume, the Hoopes – Rivera Clinical Research Center has distinguished itself for its ability to quickly attract large numbers of potential research candidates for clinical trials such as Acufocus KAMRA, Presbia, Calhoun Light-Adjustable Lens, and Avedro Crosslinking studies. 
More information is available at HoopesVision.com.

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