Edward Van De Water, Amish Furniture Devotee, Predicts Personalized Handcrafted Wooden Furniture Sales Will Go Up In 2017

Published on October 26, 2016

Experts, politicians, and fortune tellers are starting to make predictions for 2017 and while many of those predictions are gloomy, there are some who are seeing good things in store for customers, especially those looking in a Handcrafted Furniture store.

Edward Van De Water, Amish and handcrafted furniture devotee and co-owner of the Amish Outlet & Gift Shop, a furniture store in Rochester, NY  area, predicts personalized handcrafted wooden furniture sales will go up in 2017. That’s good news not only for furniture store owners but also for consumers who prefer personalized heirloom quality furniture.

“More and more people are buying hand-made wooden furniture from places like our store because we and the furniture makers we work with, now allow endless personalization. That lets our customers use their imagination and co-create with the Amish furniture masters very unique pieces that reflect their tastes and that they will be proud to pass down to later generations”, stated Van De Water.

Handmade at Amazon is showing a healthy growth in their furniture department, confirming that more and more people are choosing to invest in value when it comes to buying furniture. The big difference between Handmade at Amazon and places like Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is that at Handmade at Amazon artisans offer a very unique and truly one-of-a-kind design, more like pieces of art totally conceived and birthed by furniture craftsmen. In Amish Outlet the customer actively contributes to the personalization process and is able to choose wood, finish, stain, and the Amish masters then use existing furniture designs to craft the pieces. Research shows that this type of approach appeals to more and more buyers.

A business advisory firm, Deloitte found that 36% of consumers say they are interested in personalized products, and in 2015 18% of consumers bought personalized furniture.

“In the last few years, family-owned furniture stores have faced increasing competitive challenges from the top 100 stores. As the taste for customized furniture grows among consumers, stores like Amish Outlet & Gift Shop are offering personalization, superior workmanship, and advice from furniture consultants that could guide customers through the maze of choices, and are serving a growing demand”, Van De Water asserted.

Most popular choices in wood remain oak, maple, cherry, elm, and hickory. There are almost 70 different finishes to choose from. In addition, each piece could be designed in two different tones. For example, a deep cherry top would make a dramatic accent on a dining room server with a base in maple with a natural finish. The ability to make such combinations is what will continue to drive handcrafted furniture sales in 2017.

Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is a fourth consecutive year Gold Medal Winner of the Rochester Choice Award in the Handcrafted Furniture Store category. Visit Amish Outlet & Gift Shop or if you are in a Rochester, NY area, stop by at the store at 3530 Union St. in North Chili, NY 14514

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