Employee Moral Determines Profitability in Second Half of 2016

Published on June 21, 2016

Employee moral is essential to the success of a company and now more than ever corporations will need to be attuned to the needs of their staff. Having a clear vision and open communication provides the context to ensure productivity.

Diversity and inclusion are common initiatives in many organizations, but companies are overlooking an essential component to their success. 

Creating a more diverse workforce is a necessity, however according to Jason Greer, President and CEO of Greer Consulting Inc., if corporate strategy doesn’t include listening to the concerns of their diverse teams and responding to their interests profitability will be limited. 

Greer Consulting, Inc. implements a Management Inclusion and Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion Certification training that address the critical issue of the psychology of Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion. The training covers the legal issues of diversity, the financial and management impact to successfully drive diversity in organizations while optimizing the performance of employees and creating a culture of excellence.

“Greer Consulting Inc. develops concise practical solutions that substantiates employee perspectives and provides ongoing support for organizations. No longer will companies have untapped talent, instead by helping companies systematically bring forth diverse perspectives they elevate employee morale and create buy-in which improves the bottom line,” stated Greer. 

This is a growing concern and the negative impact on organizations is becoming more apparent. 

A study by the Society of Human Resource Management about Workplace Productivity found that poor management is a major factor employees cite which negatively impacts their work productivity. In addition, their findings suggest companies should train all employees who manage others on effective leadership skills. This will allow companies to more accurately monitor the performance of managers and morale of their subordinates.

Nextel Communications Inc. quantified, specifically, the ROI from employees’ increased retention rate., as a result of diversity training. They created detailed training scorecards, clear objectives, and a comprehensive evaluation process in order to increase the talent retention rate and overall satisfaction of their workforce. By quantifying the retention rate and cost per lost employee, Nextel was able to make the business case for their diversity, ultimately directly saving the company millions of dollars.

Greer Consulting Inc. utilizes assessments, in-person training, webinars and quarterly consultation with management to stay attuned with the organization’s employees. Employee morale has traditionally been a low priority, leaving management surprised when problems arise. By instituting a third party reporting system, leaders have a more accurate reflection of the workforce.

More organizations are looking for ways to engage the hearts and minds of their employees. Having these initiatives in place will greatly impact the market and shareholder value.

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