Entrepreneur And Publisher Carol Farabee Reaches Best Seller List for Her Book Marketing Through Authorship

Published on January 21, 2015

Carol Farabee’s book ‘Marketing Through Authorship’ hits best seller status in 2 categories on Amazon reaching #6 in ‘Business & Money’ and #7 in ‘Education & Reference’.

In her best-selling book ‘Marketing through Authorship’, Carol Farabee teaches business owners how they can increase their credibility, improve their business, and many other benefits by receiving the recognition and prestige of being a published author.  The book breaks down the process of writing a book into easily digestible steps that simplify the creative process.

The book reached best seller status on Amazon in December 2014, hitting #6 in ‘Business & Money’ and #7 in ‘Education & Reference’.

Carol Farabee of Farabee Publishing (http://farabeepublishing.com/) helps support authors publish, market and advertise their work. She works with business owners using concepts she explores in depth in Marketing through Authorship.

Writing a book provides customers of a business the unique experience of consulting with an expert in their field. This level of expertise isn’t just limited to the pages of a book, however, it also allows a business owner to create marketing material that can be used in seminars, video and audio presentations and more. In many industries, being a published author is expected these days.

Farabee explains, “Writing has always been a large part of my life. Whether it was my imagination being carried away, writing for a technical manual or creating documents for the business office..” As for Marketing through Authorship, she has this to say, “Writing a book provides your customers with a unique experience of talking to an expert – an expert on what you do and why you do it. The products you sell are unique and valuable to your customers.”

In her best-selling book Marketing Through Authorship, Carol Farabee provides a step by step process as well as consulting support for business owners that are looking to dominate their industry by not just becoming experts in their field, but becoming published authors as well. In a highly competitive business market, such insights can be the key for continued business success as well as much needed growth.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that a business is not the first thing that a customer sees. It is the public face of a business followed by the products the business offers as well as the business itself.  

Marketing through Authorship is more than just a best-selling book; it is also a new way of doing business. A business owner who is also a published author has more opportunities that open up for them and in many surprising ways.

Often, a business owner who becomes a published author is automatically perceived as an expert who is writing about their products as well as the value they can bring to their customers.

For more information on Carol Farabee or on her best-selling book Marketing Through Authorship, visit http://farabeepublishing.com/ or find her book on Amazon in both standard and Kindle format.

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