Entrepreneur Of Influence Recognized As Top Training Program For Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

Published on March 18, 2020

Business seminar astounds entrepreneurs with results through support of top brand leaders worldwide.

The economy is shifting more and more towards small business, entrepreneurship and business structures. More and more the business styles and models of yesterday are becoming obsolete. But there is an organization that is marrying the the wisdom from the business titans of the past with the staggering technology available to entrepreneurs today.

Entrepreneur of Influence is the creation of Douglas Vermeeren. Many know Douglas Vermeeren as the modern day Napoleon Hill. As a 19 year old Vermeeren, began firsthand research by meeting with and interviewing top business leaders from around the world. Some of the leaders included in his research came from companies like Fedex, Nike, Fruit of Loom, Ugg boots, Reebok, Disney, Uber, Hugo Boss, Expedia and many others. With many of these leaders on the faculty of Entrepreneur of Influence students are able to gain the wisdom of big business strategy and bring it into current marketplace applicability.

Entrepreneurs of Influence has been helping entrepreneurs and small businesses at all levels understand what it takes to succeed in todays marketplace. With a focus on rarely taught business fundamentals and using leverage to scale quickly and effectively participants are gaining market traction quickly.

Entrepreneur of Influence teaches that excellence in business is a primary goal to strive for.  A mantra of the organization teaches that “Mastery equals Monopoly.”

Entrepreneur of Influence is being recognized for this. The program was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Success Awards as the top rated business coaching and seminar program today.  Top Achiever magazine also rated it as #2 of the top 10 business programs available today. (Harvard business school taking first.)

“I believe the reason we produce such a high level of results,” Explains Vermeeren, “is the fact that we are the only program that I am aware that has support from so many real world business leaders and we are actually doing business in the real world in real time.”  The participants agree that having major companies and leaders as mentors within their learning activities has helped a lot. There is much to be said for the wisdom of past generations in creating big business.

For more information on Entrepreneur of Influence or Douglas Vermeeren please contact rachel@douglasvermeeren.com

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