Eric Fritzke, Broker Associate & Principal Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Interviewed about Commercial Real Estate in Denver Coming Out of COVID

Published on June 10, 2021

A seasoned professional with decades of commercial real estate experience shares his insights about the Denver Metro Commercial Real Estate market in this episode of Influential Entrepreneurs.

Eric Fritzke provides essential insights on why it is wise to work with a commercial real estate agent to help guide them through the process successfully.

Fritzke is a broker associate and principal with Trinity Team at Keller Williams Preferred Realty in Westminster, Colorado. He has more than 24 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate as a listing agent and buyer’s agent, leasing agent for landlords and tenants.

Fritzke works closely with his commercial clients to help navigate the complex maze of city or town committee and council approvals, neighborhood meetings, and complicated municipal zoning bylaws.

He also helps clients see a potential future where it’s not apparent. For example, he notes that currently, there is a dichotomy in the commercial real estate market in the Denver Metro area. “The industrial sector is doing quite well, but office buildings are struggling due to the unrest brought on by COVID,” Fritzke told host Mike Saunders. “The Trinity Team can guide our clients through the decisions that must be made to make the best moves, no matter the sector you are in.”

That’s where Fritzke says his team offers a significant competitive advantage. “We’re much more willing to come alongside the client to explain the commercial real estate process,” Fritzke said. “We’re willing to spend more time than a typical agent might be willing to do.”

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About Eric Fritzke:

Eric Fritzke set out to establish his reputation in real estate over 24 years ago. With the support and sage advice provided by Gordon Ballinger, he has succeeded in setting himself apart from the pack. Mr. Fritzke is exceptionally skilled in commercial and residential real estate, both as a listing agent and buyer’s agent, leasing agent for landlords and tenants. His clients enjoy his considerable ability to find resources to improve their options and to drive better results. Mr. Fritzke has also spent years learning the ins and outs of property management, which is used to considerable effect on a vast range of properties both residential and commercial.







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