Eric Zuley’s “Doing It The eZWay, The Smart Way, Not The Hard Way” Reveals How He Helps Top Celebrity Influencers Stand Out In A Crowd By “Monetizing Their Monitor & Microphone” In A Digital World

Published on July 16, 2020

In this article for Business Innovators Magazine, Eric Zuley, CEO of the eZWay Network shares how his unique and successful format enables you to deliver your message effectively.

In this article for Business Innovators Magazine, Eric Zuley, CEO of the eZWay Network shares how his unique and successful format enables you to deliver your message effectively.

Meet Eric Zuley, CEO of the eZWay Network, And eZWay Promotions. The Creator of the eZWay “Wall of Fame Movement.” 

Eric Zuley is recognized as being one of the top ten social media influencers in the world. He is a Multimedia Marketing Mogul, that has mastered the art of monetizing media. Eric has created the nationally and internationally recognized movement #eZWay endorsed by over 500 celebrities, influencers, CEO’s, and change-makers.

His “eZWay Wall of Fame” movement has its own social network directory, similar to Facebook, Amazon, Yelp, Netflix, and all the “Hall of Fames” rolled into one.

Zuley owns eZWay Network, a media network powering their own Radio, Magazine, and TV network, housing 18 channels, 4 networks airing 33 shows, with a potential reach of 320,000,000 homes and mobile phones.

Eric Zuley is recognized for:

  • He is an ambassador for 180 + countries for the Universal Peace Federation.
  • His 501 c 3 Nonprofit, eZWay Cares Foundation, has helped raise millions through his media outreach.
  • Eric has produced over 45 talk reality TV shows, 450 events; he has a current talk show called EZ TALK LIVE on the Voice America Influencers Channel and eZWay TV, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, FanTV, Mytvtogo, Clearview Broadcasting, Voice America, eZWay Broadcasting and more…
  • Helped coach and mentor over 100 people in the art of scaling from one microphone.
  • Zuley is also an event producer with over 450 red carpet events under his belt.
  • He has personally interviewed thousands of named celebrities and speakers.
  • Spoke on over 30 stages, 50 if you count virtual.
  • Has over 200,000 social media followers aka eZWay Family

Eric Zuley’s achievements have brought him a great deal of attention along the way. 

  • Eric has been seen on FOX 11, E! News, ABC 7 News, TMZ, EXTRA, and is on the covers of HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY MAGAZINE, THE LOS ANGELES TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER, INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE MAGAZINE, along with his own book The Influence Effect and numerous other publications.
  • In 2011 Eric received the Robert Novak award signed off by congressman Brad Sherman, congresswoman Judy Chu supported by former Mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa.
  • Mr. Zuley was honored as the 2017 Digital Trailblazer along with receiving numerous speaking, coaching and community awards.
  • Has become an official affiliate of the “Think and Grow Rich Institute” endorsed and sponsored by the Napoleon Hill Foundation and The Hill Family.

One of The Ways That eZWay Can Get You the Attention You Are Looking for and Create Your Very Own Celebrity Status – Introducing the eZWay Wall of Fame:

The eZWay Wall of Fame is a virtual digital social interactive online directory website, soon to be a mobile app meant to help its members build their following.

Some of the Wall of Famers and eZWay Legends include:

  • Forbes Riley (Billion Dollar Infomercial Queen, Communications Expert)
  • Sharon Lechter (world renowned author, speaker, and co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad)
  • Brian J. White (Actor on OWN Networks Ambitions)
  • Kristanna Loken (Star of Terminator 3)
  • Alec Stern, (Co-founder of Constant Contact) “America’s Startup Success Expert”
  • Frank Shankwitz, (Co-founder of Make A Wish Foundation and the WISH MAN Movie)
  • Dr. James Dentley, (Highly recognized Global Leader, Business Strategist, entrepreneur, speaker & author)
  • Shea Vaughn, (Actor Vince Vaughn’s mother and CEO Women on TV)
  • Brian Smith, (Founder of UGG Boots) Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Holder Kate Linder (From Young and The Restless)
  • Greg Reid, Founder of “Secret Knock” the #1 networking event in the world
  • The late Berny Dohrmann (Chairman CEO Space)
  • Erik Swanson, (Founder of Habitude Warrior)
  • Jeff Hoffman, (Founder of Priceline, and Expedia)
  • and the list goes on and on.

Zuley understands that growing a business along with an audience incorporates determination and hard work, that is why he created

This pr and promotions division of the eZWay Network allows others to reach their goals in the most effective way in this age of technology.

The “eZWay Wall of Fame” can help to build your Celebrity Profile, you need to pitch yourself in less than 5 minutes. The EZWOF helps to get its members on numerous media platforms for more awareness and exposure. Increasing and accelerating your influence along with branding taking you to the next level along with generating more sales due to the credibility and stature it creates.

The eZWay Cares Foundation:

Eric Zuley has created the “GOLDEN CARPET” a faith-based way of getting recognition for the eZWay Legends that are known for their hearts of gold, empower them to make a stronger difference through eZWay’s “Golden Handshake” Network.

The eZWay Wall of Fame hosts an annual award show that honors the Wall of Fame Heartpreneurs and influencers in the group that is making a digital difference.

The eZWay Awards Golden Gala is a soft celebration for the eZWay Cares Foundation that has helped raise funds and awareness for charitable causes over the last 15 + years. The foundation formed into an official 501 c 3 non-profit with the assistance of Eric’s girlfriend, Dr. Dante Sears founder of World Prosperity Network. A portion of last year’s proceeds went to benefit CHOC Children’s Foundation.

If you would like to be on the eZWay Wall of Fame and join the eZWay Family, learn more about how eZWay Promotions can help you get the recognition and exposure to help your business grow in todays age of media technology. So get onboard, keep up and get ahead by doing it the eZWay, email:, call 877-399-2929 or go to


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