Erik Vasbinder & Ton Van Den Bosch Of Lifestylehouse Marbella Featured On Small Business Trendsetters

Erik Vasbinder & Ton Van Den Bosch Of Lifestylehouse Marbella Featured On Small Business Trendsetters

Erik Vasbinder & Ton van den Bosch from Lifestylehouse in Marbella, Spain discuss the latest cutting edge engineering and design considerations in the construction and design of contemporary modern villas and homes.

Recognising the increase in demand for contemporary modern villas in the south of Spain, as opposed to the more traditional style villas, they quickly realised that the inherent benefits of building an open-plan modern villa were not being taken advantage of, especially at the design and construction stage.

Bringing together the passion for precision engineering of Erik Vasbinder, with the real estate experience of Ton van den Bosch, acquired from a successful career in real estate development in Marbella, Lifestylehouse was born.

As Erik Vasbinder explains in the feature: “Our goal is to create homes that, when you enter, you have the same sensation of quality and engineering perfection that you get when you sit in a high-end luxury car, such as a Porsche, Audi or Ferrari. Every part is engineered perfectly, every tiny detail a masterpiece of precision.”

Together with their team of engineers, designers and craftsmen at their head offices in the Netherlands, they set about designing and perfecting a system for the construction of modern contemporary villas and houses that allows for the building of homes anywhere in the world that are both beautiful to look at and beautifully engineered.

The core system uses a state-of-the-art proprietary steel structure combined with advanced concrete techniques that allows the house to be completely pre-engineered prior to construction, as well as to take full advantage of the inherent design advantages of modern homes.

This allows Lifestylehouse to construct houses and villas that have absolutely no internal walls, are up to 80 percent glass and have expansive floors and dramatic overhangs that, quite literally, “float” above the ground level.

Aside from the sheer visual beauty of the constructions, the system has the following benefits for the owners:

 – A turnkey home can be completed within the space of seven to ten months.
 – All of the elements of the building are planned and manufactured in advance, leaving no room for error at the construction stage.
 – Owners can choose from a number of timeless proven designs.
 – The modular design allows for substantial labour savings at the construction stage and these savings are passed on by Lifestylehouse to the owner, allowing the owner to select finishings and installations of only the highest quality, for the same end cost.
 – Key elements, such as the internal and external insulation, can be included as integral parts of the construction and not as add-ons.
 – Load bearing structures are over-engineered in relation to the demands put on them, floors are constructed using advanced honeycomb designs and outside shutters are hurricane proof.

Ton van den Bosch also likes to point out that: “Prior to any construction of the house we provide, in the form of a detailed book, a full and precise blueprint of the house including all of the construction designs, finishing elements and installations. This method of working provides tremendous security for owners. There is absolutely no doubt as to how the finished house will look and the level of quality of all of the installations and finishings.”

Once the final blueprint is agreed on, all of the elements of the house are then pre-engineered and manufactured in advance to be delivered on-site.

Lifestylehouse currently have dedicated offices in the Netherlands and Spain and are rapidly building up a successful worldwide presence, with projects on the go in the south of Spain, Puerto Rico, Ibiza, Miami and Dubai.

For additional information on Lifestylehouse, their building system and the selection of villas and houses that are available to choose from, Erik Vasbinder can be contacted at the company head offices in the Netherlands on + 31 72 505 55 35 and Ton van den Bosch can be contacted at their sales offices in Puerto Banus, Marbella on + 34 952 793 662.

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