EvolveXP 2022 Live Event, March 3rd – 4th, Created By Money & You Worldwide, With Masters In The Field Of Entrepreneurship And Transformation

Published on February 21, 2022

A 2-Day Live Event, March 3rd - 4th from 4:pm-midnight PST, designed by Masters in the field of Entrepreneurship & Transformation, who focus on creating breakthrough moments for people & delivering incredible results that can last a lifetime.

The genius behind this 2-day program is a team led by Dame Doria (DC) Cordova, who has helmed the Money & You Program for 43 years. EvolveXP is led by Money & You Instructor Kerry Zurier – a master coach, entrepreneur, and the person who trains up-and-coming Money & You, Instructors. Kerry co-created this with an astounding team of global experts: incredible, experienced Money & You Instructors and entrepreneurs who run multi-million-dollar organizations. A community of successful business owners and transformational leaders from all walks of life are involved and committed to delivering this transformational, leading-edge, tried, and proven live event in the most robust manner possible. Some of them have been living and breathing Money & You principles in their lives and are focused on creating a breakthrough moment for other people as well – the result, an incredible program that people must experience.

Here are what people are saying around the world about the EvolveXP Program and Experience:

It has been said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – R. Buckminster Fuller.

“If you want to achieve exponential improvement in your personal and/or business growth, this is an incredible program. Learn practical tips on shifting your thinking to bring your dreams into reality. Led by an outstanding team of professionals, this experiential-based training can help you unlock what’s holding you back as it relates to your attitude/relationship with money. You will learn from yourself and others how to shift from a perspective of scarcity to one of abundance – leveraging your time and resources much more effectively to achieve the results you desire.” – Sandy Vosk, President & CEO Advantage Technology Solutions Inc. (USA)

“This is a really fun, experiential program that has given me more awareness of how I think. It’s opening ideas and questions I’d not thought of before. Everything is a choice, and there are resources out there I didn’t think of before that can make life better. It’s being open to possibilities, asking more questions, and doing something different to interrupt the patterns that have been running my life. This program has given me a glimpse into new directions.” – Sharon Honning, Management Services

“If you feel stuck in your life and can’t pinpoint the reason why, then this is the perfect program for you because it allows those reasons to surface up and you to gain awareness of them, which then gives you the opportunity to transform and move forward.” – Raiman Au, Director Talent Dynamics (Japan)

“No matter your experience in life and business, you will benefit from this amazing program – it will help you shift your perspectives and transform your self – awareness leading to a more effective life.” – Chad Warren, Founder & CEO ZenMoose Capital LLC (USA)

“This intense online program guides you masterfully and interactively discover what is holding you back and blocking the success that is your birthright in life. It is not an “online course” that is hard to finish, but rather a 14-hour, deeply engaging experience where you get to discover yourself through exciting games and deep personal conversations. Yes, transformation is now happening online. Never mind that the participants are in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and California – this is every bit as life-changing as an in-person workshop. This is just as intense and transformational as an in-person workshop. It is far beyond the video trainings and Zoom experiences you know.” – Chris Mentzel, CEO HINA Power Corp (USA)

“Truly an amazing 2-day journey into myself and exploring the world of business, money, self-belief within my realm of the inner self that allows me to create breakthroughs in my perspective of how I see money and abundance. Thank you for such an amazing journey of discovery. I would recommend this to every human soul in this world. A must-attend because this workshop will give you the compass for direction of wealth.” – Hank Khoo, Founder & Chief Trainer HANKidz (Malaysia)

“The program intertwines emotional self-discovery with fundamental principles of wealth in an engaging and soulful experience.” – Jenifer Wells, Health Educator, Founder & CEO Rawzwellness (Australia)

People get THE BEST OF THE BEST. So, to make sure this delivers what they want – what they go there for – This Money & You Worldwide Team has taken the best of the best of all they have been teaching and sharing with committed individuals and entrepreneurs. In fact, over 200,000 people from approximately 85 countries – over the last 43 years – poured it with love, excellence, skill, and deep experience into this NEW incredible 2-day opportunity for everybody who attends. The Money & You Program has been the leading wealth development and entrepreneurial program on the planet for over four decades. It is absolutely tested and proven.

And while this 2-day online event is entirely NEW – BRAND NEW – NEWER THAN NEW – they have absolutely drawn on their 43-year “vault” of content, materials, learnings, strategies, transformations, breakthroughs, coaching, and business and financial acumen. They are leveraging the mastery and magic of that deep and broad knowledge base to create something NEW. Something for right now. Something to make 2022 be one of their best years ever. Something that positions people to thrive – yes, even in these turbulent times. Something special for everybody who attends.

The 2-Day EvolveXP Program, built on the principles and science of success of the world-renowned Money & You Program, introduces key strategies to create this new future. It is not a matter of survival; it is a question of how everyone can continue to thrive at a high level in a sustainable manner.

This EvolveXP Program is a world-first class live event that gives people what they want and brings a brand new, 2-day flagship program delivered online. Not another Zoom meeting. This is most definitely not “death by PowerPoint,” “people on mute,” and “oh here, watch nine recordings of people talking, and you’ll get the results” or the other many joys (not) of our online experiences in 2021!

A BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE Just like Money & You, this program is NOT a talkfest nor a pitch-fest. In fact, this is nothing like anything people have done online or in-person to date.

EvolveXP is experiential. It is not a matter of reading books or having Information. It is based on the same Excellerated Learning Technology that has been used in the Money & You Program for over 43 years that has created some of the biggest success stories on the planet.

EvolveXP is presented experientially online. Through games that will be played and debriefs of the games, people will get a deep understanding and personal insights to play the bigger games in their lives.

Designed to create breakthrough experiences:

  • In people’s relationship with money, sufficiency, success, and what is needed to shift and expand this relationship
  • In people’s career, business, and their level of business acumen and entrepreneurship and how they can play in the future of this evolving world, starting right now.
  • In people’s beliefs and very own personal transformation – get an expansion in their reality box that will create an expansion in the outcomes that impact their career, their business, their relationships. Bring people to a whole different level in their lives.
  • Everyone that attends will understand what it takes to move them forward and what holds them back – paradigms, beliefs, or even models of the world that is no longer relevant. This event is for anybody and everybody that is ready to get these breakthroughs.
  • It gives insights about current challenges individuals face in their lives, what is creating the challenges and what they need to get past them.
  • An experience of what has been limiting them, how they have what they need to break these limits, and seeing the possibilities of expansion beyond these limits.
  • It gets them ready for breakthroughs. If they are prepared for transformation at many levels – to live, play, work and thrive at a different level. Suppose they are ready for new possibilities and ways to operate in this evolving world. In that case, they are prepared to redesign, recreate, and reinvent a different outcome than what they have experienced in the past. EvolveXP is for them.

 To attend this EvolveXP online 2-day event, register at http://www.moneyandyou.com/evolveXP.

March 3-4 – USA – 4 pm-midnight (California)
March 4-5 – Asia Pac. Check your local time at https://www.worldtimebuddy.com.

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