Experienced Syndicator and Real Estate Investor Vinney (Smile) Chopra Launches Moneil Multifamily Fund

Published on April 16, 2021

Vinney Chopra, a noted real estate investor and multifamily syndicator with over 15 years of experience, has recently announced the launch of Moneil Multifamily Fund, LLC., This Wyoming limited liability company is a 506 (C) fund for accredited investors only.

Successful real estate investor and extremely sought-after multifamily syndication expert Vinney Chopra is pleased to announce the official launch of Moneil Multifamily Fund, LLC. A best-selling author, host of 4 podcasts, multifamily educator, and mentor, Chopra is the founder and principal of Moneil Investment Group, Moneil Senior Living, Moneil Management Group, and The Multifamily Academy. Moneil Multifamily Fund, LLC is a Wyoming limited liability company seeking funds from private investors to pool for acquisition and development of multiple multifamily/commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the United States. 

The business plan for Moneil Multifamily Fund is to purchase 

  • Conventional B Class multifamily in emerging markets
  • Stabilized senior assisted living and memory care communities
  • Financing the construction of the group’s already approved and vetted ground up senior assisted living communities
  • Opportunity zone ground up multifamily construction to get huge tax benefits
  • As the market improves and the hospitality arena comes to life, mid-tier name brand, well researched discounted priced hotels

The Company currently plans to raise up to $50 million from investors, which it will use to conduct due diligence, acquire, renovate, develop, operate multifamily properties, and pay management fees. 

“Time is of the essences. Due to high demand of our projects in the pipeline we feel by having the capital raised will help us to jump into very exciting and profitable projects,” said a senior spokesperson from Moneil Multifamily Fund, LLC. “Our primary focus is on opportunities in select areas of Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and the Southeastern U.S., but other markets within the U.S. meeting its investment criteria will also be considered.”  

Moneil Multifamily Fund’s eventual diverse pool of secured real estate investments will offer its members the opportunity to earn an average of 9% cumulative preferred annualized return with no upside or get an equity position with a preferred annualized lower return and equity position of the company’s distributable cash and equity, which shall be distributed amongst the members in proportion to respective capital contribution of each member. 

Vinney Chopra arrived in the U.S. more than 40 years ago with only $7 in his pocket. Over the years, he has achieved exemplary success in a number of arenas including marketing, sales, motivational speaking and real estate investing. As a multifamily syndication expert, he has appeared on numerous podcasts and all social media to share his experience and expertise.  Over the past 14 years, he has honed his skills and has done 34 successful syndications. He has achieved enormous success controlling over $440 million, 4500 doors in this niche market.  

To find out more about Moneil Multifamily Fund, please visit http://moneilmultifamilyfund.com/

About Moneil Multifamily Fund: Moneil Multifamily Fund, LLC (the Company) is a Wyoming limited liability company whose overall strategy is to pool funds from private investors to acquire multiple multifamily/commercial properties located throughout the United States, specifically in emerging markets with prospects of job and population growth. 

Contact: vinney@vinneychopra.com or reach by text 925 766 3518; www.vinneychopra.com 

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