Expert Lead Generation Specialist Terry Gremaux Shares a Process For How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing For Free On Social Media

Published on February 21, 2018

Professional Home Business Success Trainer, Terry Gremaux, has recently released a new article and resources on The Live Networker about How To Generate Leads For Network Marketing For Free On Social Media.

The Live Networker recently released a new article and resources from expert lead generation specialist, Terry Gremaux, discussing his strategy on how to generate leads for free inside of network marketing.

According to Gremaux, “When looking for leads in network marketing, make sure you focus on making your prospects feel great and pay attention to their needs.  This will surely cause you to recruit more people than you ever thought possible!”

Gremaux, said “Remember to treat people as people. They have emotions. People have problems and you have to solve them.  But if you never are able to gain rapport, you’re sunk completely. Each social media platform has its own method to connect with people who are interested in the solutions your business provides.” Terry goes on to detail 4 easy steps to recruit reps on Facebook.

When asked, what is the key step that must be taken by network marketers to deal with the massive amount of leads available on social media, Gremaux said, “Needless to say, people to talk to is a must-have. MLM top earners understand that you must have a ton of people to talk to. You must have multiple sources of lead generation and become increasingly aware of how to talk to more people about your mlm business. This game of network marketing (like any business) comes down to traffic and conversion.” Gremaux offers a specific example of how to use LinkedIn for network marketing. 

During the Interview Gremaux outlined, why it is important to know your target audience on social media, explaining, “On social media, you can go after or message everyone.  But if you don’t pick 1 target audience and decide to focus on attracting and serving 1 potential audience, you will attract nobody. So many of you are trying to attract free mlm leads yet you have no idea who you’re going to go after.  This causes a HUGE problem.  A monster problem.”

Terry Gremaux is a No. 1 Amazon bestselling author and leading social media trainer for home-based entrepreneurs; who is known as the “The Live Networker.” He has helped thousands of home based business-builders world-wide with his LIVE training strategies.

The article concluded with Gremaux saying “I’m looking to help people understand how to actually grow their home-based business and how to generate leads for network marketing.”

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